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It was announced on April 27 that Cabrini College will be no more. As of July 1, Cabrini will be further known as Cabrini University.

Students took to social media to express their excitement while I kept quietly to myself. Although this is terrific news for our little campus, I do have some reservations about this.

I came to Cabrini because of its small learning environment. Due to some learning disabilities, the small campus/small classroom environment is ideal for me. Typically speaking, universities tend to have a larger student body, which in return means larger class sizes.

There has also been talk of international students studying at Cabrini. While this is a fantastic idea, it will surely increase class sizes.

Cabrini prides itself on having tuition frozen. This is a huge topic of concern for me, considering I’m paying for my own tuition.

My sister had attended Neumann University for her undergrad degree. The year before she enrolled, Neumann became a university. The first year of her studies her tuition remained relatively low. Now a year out of college, she said her tuition rose somewhere around three percent every year following becoming a university.

This is most definitely a topic I feel hasn’t been discussed much. As someone who relies primarily on scholarships in order to pay for my tuition, the financial aspect of becoming a university is definitely holding me back from the excitement of the news.

And please don’t even get me started on parking. Most days I drive around upwards of 15 minutes waiting for an empty spot. Will more parking spots, particularly for the commuters, accompany the name change Cabrini is about to experience?

I sure hope that if more students will be enrolled within the next few years there will be more available parking spots, or at least some way to ensure commuter students having a parking spot every single day.

Being one for puns, no matter how ridiculous they may be, I am mostly excited about this transition because I get to see “CU soon” written all around campus.

Please don’t get me wrong. I am by no means anti-university, but I do have some reservations I feel some may be overlooking. Concerns about student body size, classroom size, tuition, scholarships and parking outweigh the excitement I have about Cabrini University.

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