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7 Things To Do Over Spring Break While Everyone Else is Away

Winter fading into early spring brings about a very special time of year; it never stops raining, people dance at the sight of 60 degree weather and summer feels like a lost dream—far, far away. There’s also this phenomenon called spring break, a week off of school in which students sleep, eat and party away every waking hour in exotic corners of the world.

While many kids fly down to the Caribbean or Mexico, what happens to the people whose “exotic” destination is just their house? Here is a list of 7 things you can do to make your spring break worthwhile and memorable without leaving town!

1. Binge watch a new series

Feel like you never have time during the semester to watch your favorite shows? Did a professor actually have the audacity to schedule class during “The Voice” (even worse, did you actually show up?)? Spring break is the perfect time to stay under the covers and stream your favorite shows to get caught up on all the drama and romance that you missed while you were buried in the books! To maximize this experience, try keeping your laptop plugged in near your bed to avoid ever having to get up!

2. Volunteer at your local shelter

Want to make a difference? Now is the perfect time! Animal shelters are often overcrowded and understaffed in the winter, so any help, no matter how little, can make a huge impact! Get in touch with your local shelter to see what ways you can contribute to their cause. And… cute puppies. Need I say more?

3. Pick up a new hobby

Remember that really cool thing you wanted to do but have never gotten around to doing? Now is the perfect time to turn that project into a reality! With no other responsibilities, you can devote as much time as you want to mastering a new craft, talent or hobby! From knitting to cooking, learning Parseltongue (C’mon HP fans, I know you’re out there), to studying the habits of the gopher living in your vegetable garden, the possibilities are endless!

4. Maybe actually do some homework?

Homework?? On break? Don’t hate me just yet. Hear me out! The spring semester is already stressful enough; if you haven’t had midterms yet, they are probably looming right around the corner, laughing at you. Why not use you break to get a head start on the work you will need to do when you get back? Even dedicating just an hour a day can make your life a thousand times easier once school starts back up!

5. Read the book your Grandma gave you three years ago for Christmas


Sick and tired of people giving you books from Christmas (I’m looking at you, Grandma)? Welcome to the club! First of all, who even read these days? Second, how do you find the time? From class to sports, work to actually attempting to maintain somewhat of a social life, where does reading fit in? The answer: nowhere. That’s where spring break comes in; a whole week free of responsibility!

6. Spend quality time with mom


Let’s face it. No matter how annoying moms (or dads) can be with their cheesy texts and embarrassing presence, they deserve a chunk of your break as well. They spend practically the entire semester missing you and wishing you were still in diapers so you couldn’t leave them. They have been looking forward to this moment ever since winter break ended, so making an attempt at some quality time with the ‘rents is the least you can do.

7. Take care of yourself!

After all, it is called a break! A long semester of classes can leave you feeling exhausted and worn out, both mentally and physically. Take time over the week to relax! Catch up on sleep, laundry and anything else you have been neglecting and take time for yourself! Do something you love, even if it’s as simple as making cookies or playing with your dog!

Anna Russo is a freshman at Cabrini College in Radnor, PA. She is studying Sociology and Criminology with a minor in Leadership Studies. She works as a Student Ambassador in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, as well as an Assistant Programmer for Cabrini's Campus Activities Programming Board. In her free time, Anna participates in intramural sports and co-writes her own food blog! Her favorite pastime is spending time with her dog, a Hurricane Katrina rescue, as well as watching movies with her twin sister!
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