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3 Literature-Inspired Web Series to Binge Watch Over the Summer

No matter what your plans for the summer are, you’ll probably find a time when you just want to kick back, relax and watch a good show. If you don’t want to pay for Netflix, or just don’t want to watch “Grey’s Anatomy” or “One Tree Hill” for the tenth time, and want to see a new spin on your favorite book, try turning to YouTube and checking out a web series. Here are a few that I’ve liked:

1. Green Gables Fables

As the title suggests, this web series is based on the “Anne of Green Gables” series by L.M. Montgomery. If we’re being honest, I haven’t even read the books, but I’ve found the characters and plot lines of this modern spin on them entirely relatable (to the occasional annoyance of my friends) and really fun to watch. It’s even made me cry a few times, which is a pretty cool thing to happen while watching YouTube videos.  It’s also known for being pretty true to the books, so if you’re a fan of them, you might want to especially check this one out.

2. The Lizzie Bennet Diaries

This modern retelling of Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice” is pretty popular, so you may have already heard of it. However, it’s still worth a watch. From the relationships between the Bennet sisters, to the eventual romance between Elizabeth and Darcy, it’s great to watch and a fun twist on a well-known story.

3. The New Adventures of Peter And Wendy

Everyone knows the “Peter Pan” story, whether it’s through reading the books, watching one of the movies or seeing the musical portrayal. This series makes itself really relatable by making Peter not a boy, but a man in his twenties who is scared to grow up and take the responsibility of living in the real world. For college students, this is a very real fear. Through watching Peter’s struggles with growing up and his feelings for Wendy, the audience instantly sympathizes with him and relates to him.

Next time you’re searching for something to watch, consider checking out one of these series, or one of the hundreds of other web series on YouTube today. You just might enjoy it.

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