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21 Signs You Go To Cabrini College

1. You know the campus is beautiful, no matter what season it is

Whether it’s pretty pink cherry blossoms

Or covered in snow

And even the beautiful foliage of autumn


2. You may or may not need a rowboat to get around when it rains

3. You know EVERYONE

4. You know that there are two mascots:

One official

And one unofficial

Both Calvin and Hank are equally loveable. 

5. You know that there is a small presence of Greek life

As in, there’s one sorority and one fraternity. 

6. When there are more wildlife animals on campus than students

7. Speaking of wildlife, there’s enough squirrels to create an acorn army

8. Tuesday = chicken nugget Tuesday

9. When everyone calls Woodcrest Hall “Hoodcrest”

10. When you always have to explain where Cabrini is located

You know where the King of Prussia Mall is? Yea, it’s five minutes from there.

11. You have come to realize that geese are evil

12. Speed bumps are the bane of your existence

They are slowly killing the bottom of your car.

13. Parking spots are hard to come by

Unless it’s the weekend

14. You’re never surprised to see #CabriniBlackout  

15. You know that basketball is kind of a big deal

It includes a #DoBlue celebration and even appearances from President DT himself.

16. You can expect to see the best mascot ever on move-in day

17. You can also expect to de-stress with fluffy friends every year


18. You know the Mansion is the centerpiece of campus

19. You know where this stained-glass window is

20. Even if you wake up late, you know you only need five minutes to get to class

21. You can expect to hear “Do Something Extraordinary” many, many times

But also know that you will live out that phrase throughout your four years. As Walt Disney said, “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”


What would you add to this list?


Erica is a senior at Cabrini College, majoring in communication with a minor in Spanish and is a Campus Correspondent of Her Campus' Cabrini chapter. She loves writing and hopes to make a career of it one day. Despite being a commuter, you can most often find her in her second home: the newsroom. In her free time, you can find her catching up on the latest episode of "Pretty Little Liars" or "The Bachelor," writing about trending and entertainment topics, as well as obsessing over the latest news from Imagine Dragons.
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