Will Hundahl '19

Name: Will HundahlYear: FreshmanHometown: Marblehead, MA

Activities involved with on campus: Sailing, Surf club, Student athlete

Favorite Movie: The World's Fastest Indian

Favorite Store: Half Moon Outfitters

Favorite Food: Sushi

General Interests: Sailing, working on cars and boats, hanging out with friends

A fact people wouldn’t expect: "My middle name is Thor, that usually surprises people." 

Where are you most likely to be found on campus: Warren or TD Arena 

Middle: Will 

Relationship Status: Single

Biggest Turn off: Bad manners, smells bad, not personable

Biggest Turn on: Glasses, funny, sweet, smells good

What is your ideal date: I am a very romantic person. Going out on the boat at night would be really fun, having a nice dinner and then going to a beach at night, that would be cool. But an ideal date is different depending on the girl that I'm with. 

Three words to describe yourself: Outgoing, caring, and reliable 

Where do you see yourself senior year: I hope to have a steady girlfriend, a solid internship and knowing what I’m going to do the year after I graduate, with several job opportunities.