Why You Should Revisit Old Hobbies

Stay with me on this one, ladies.

When I first started college, I really discovered myself, which was totally amazing. I’ve been able to grow in ways I could never have imagined, and I’ve met so many people that I could go on and on about. One thing that I also discovered in college was that there were a lot of hobbies I enjoy that I just never got involved with in high school. Her Campus is a perfect example of this! Along with going on walks and a few others.  

This semester, I’ve picked some hobbies back up that I had previously set aside. The first is making friendship bracelets. Making friendship bracelets is something that I used to always enjoy during summer camps; whether I made them myself or taught kids how to make them, it was always a fun time. This hobby came back to me after one of my RAs held a friendship bracelet program last semester. One of my friends and I went, and not 3 weeks later, I was getting a pack of string from Walmart. This brings me to my next point: not only is it pretty easy to make bracelets, especially with help from YouTube, but the string is pretty cheap, so it's a hobby that won't break the bank! I love making bracelets because it's something simple, cheap, and calming that I can do almost anywhere.

Another hobby that I’ve picked back up is drawing and painting. This semester, I'm taking Drawing 1, which is my favorite class even though it is a 3-hours once a week. I’m not a super artsy person other than doodling in my notes or the occasional homemade card. So I went into this class thinking that the participation grade was going to be my saving grace. Now I’m still not an amazing artist, but I’ve been doing pretty well and have even earned a few handshakes from the teacher for my work, and yes, that felt incredible. Also, I’ve found myself drawing more often for fun. On days when I don’t have too much homework, I’ll even paint something small, and it’s extremely relaxing.  

Not only are these two hobbies fairly cheap and easy, but they provide me with art! Art that I can enjoy myself or give to someone for them to enjoy. If there’s a hobby out there that you forgot you loved, or if my bracelets and paint sound good to you, definitely pick up the supplies and give it a try to make you happy this week.