Why You Should Rely On Your Friend’s Music

When I hop in the car I'm definitely that person who immediately asks for the aux. But, I believe that the best DJ is made by knowing their audience. For instance, playing oldies throwbacks at a family party earns you big brownie points from your relatives, instead of hardcore EDM. Some of the best ways I have found my music is by simply reaching out to my friends who I know have remarkable music taste. There are so many benefits to exploring a friend’s music choices so here are just a couple that I've found.

1. You Broaden Your Music Taste

I know I’m not the only person who has friends with crazy, diverse music tastes. I sometimes go through music trends where I become too focused on just one genre. Last week all I could listen to was country music. Reaching out to different friends can get you out of this music funk. Knowing what your friends like to listen to, you can be exposed to multiple genres and artists while giving you the flexibility to choose which one you best vibe with. This also allows you to find music you wouldn’t normally find on your own.

2. Prepared for the Same Social Scenes 

Asking for friend’s music means if you’re hanging out with them later at a party and they play their music, you’ll be hip to all their songs. There is no worse feeling than having to Shazam every single song that comes on or worse, having to ask. You can avoid that by asking your friends for their playlists before being social. 

3. Let Them Do the Digging

In days like these, it's often hard to manage to stay up to date what the kids are listening to. If it’s not in your best interest to spend hours searching for good music, leave the task to those who genuinely enjoy the discovery of new music! There is just one rule that comes with this; when others compliment your music that your friends discovered, always give credit where credit is due! If you don’t, your friends might be bitter or stop sharing music. 

4. Strengthens Friendships

Music brings people closer in all sorts of ways. There’s a special bond that comes with sharing styles and appreciation for music.  Friendships can definitely be stronger through a borderline obsession with an artist, going to concerts, or just simply exchanging music back and forth. Nothing makes me feel better than when my friend sends me a song and says "I thought you'd like this" or "this made me think of you". 

For all my music lovers out there, remember to stay weird and always share the love through music.