Why You Should Keep Track of Which Concerts You've Seen

The other day I was talking to my mom and dad about all the concerts they've attended, and I loved hearing about all of them. They've seen some of my favorite artists live like Journey, Kansas, John Denver, and Bruce Springsteen. Their stories were amazing and made me feel like I was there too. So I thought maybe I should try this out, and write out all the artists I've seen. It’s A LOT harder than it sounds. 

The first problem to tackle is you have to go through the artists you remember right off the bat, which won’t be that many if you’re as forgetful as me. The next step is going through all your pictures, which includes phone, computer, Snapchat, Facebook, etc (believe me you’ll be annoyed with how many pictures you have saved). Then you have to look up the concert's venue, date of the event, and in some cases who opened for the performer. Then once all this is looked up you have to put them in order of the year it occurred. Let me tell you how hard this is. 

  1. If the performer was on tour you have to really know around what time the performance was to find the correct event you attended. 
  2. If you don’t know around what year it was there was a chance they’ve performed at that venue before on a different year. 
  3. If the main performers have other artists opening for them, on multiple occasions you won’t remember who it was unless they are well known.

Maybe take an hour or two depending on how often you go to concerts just to jot the names down. But then you have to also include Music Festivals. Impossible. The lineups are extensive and half the time you are going to acts that your friend knows but you don’t. I keep forgetting which festivals I actually went to or which ones I just really wanted to go to. Then once I go through the pictures and solidify all the years I attended, I looked at the lineups and almost cried. I had to contact every person I attended the festivals with and make sure I hadn’t forgotten a set I went to. So after this whole experience, I have a list of the events, but at what cost. I beg you all to start this process before it’s too late in life to remember for sure who you saw live. Every time you see a performance, write it down! It’ll take two seconds and save you time later on. Write some of your favorite moments from that concert, print out some pictures for later on. If you want to be fancy you could even turn your list into a picture board or something to show off your experiences. I promise you, your kids will want to hear all about the concerts, so if anything do it to share with them.  

Image credit: Carolyn Martin