Why You Should Be Watching "End of the F***ing World"

The new Netflix original series End of the F***ing World was released on January 5th and is said to be one of the best things to happen to Netflix in its whole career. The dark love story is exactly what the title sounds like and is definitely a must watch. 

I won't lie after the first episode I wasn't sure if I was going to continue. It's morbid...eerie and uncomfortable. Two misfits 17 year old kids James, a self proclaimed psychopath and Alyssa, an angry girl with little cares meet each other and decide to steal a car and run away. Prior to their escape out of their small boring town James’s plan is to kill Alyssa. With a past of killing animals and even hurting himself in an attempt to "feel something" he decides to move to the murdering of humans. He pretends to fall in love with Alyssa to get close to her and almost completes the murder on a few different accounts. However, the two end up actually falling in love and bonding over the terrible home and family lives they had grown up in. Eventually on their journey together they expose rapists, commit murders, steal and engage in plenty other illegal activities while they try to escape from their reality and start over. For young adolescents it is actually quite impressive. Is it healthy? No. Does it makes sense? Yes. And while all of it is happening the authorities even more in love with each other while being chase them down.  

This series is brilliant and a must watch. It analyzes people's actions and what drives them to commit the things they do. It proves the point that each person is a walking example of their past and while a morbid watch it is one that really gives a solid understanding of how the upbringing of children affects their lives. Even to a small scale the feelings the kids face are somewhat relatable especially at the age they are. So take a couple hours and dive into The End of the F***ing world, I promise you'll be hooked too.  

Image via Netflix.