Why You Need To Break The Streak

We’ve all gotten that spam of Snapchats from someone freaking out that you're about to break your Snapchat streak them. I’ve even had someone threaten to stop talking to me if I broke our 178-day streak. How has something so small become such an essential thing for some people? It has become a representation of our relationships with people.

It’s unneeded stress in our daily lives

Between work, school, and our busy social lives, we do not need to worry about snapchatting the twelve people we have streaks with, including some people you probably barely talk to anyway. If keeping a streak with someone becomes a stressor, it probably means you don’t naturally find yourself communicating with the person anyway, so why does it really matter?

It allows you to hold on to toxic people.

With the rise of online dating and the transition between friends when going to college, it’s easy to use a snapchat streak as an opportunity to keep in touch with someone who isn’t good for you anymore. Snapchat streaks can hold an imaginary power that either represents a relationship or keeps one together. Just because you and an old friend have decided to keep your streak going because it feels rude to end, it doesn’t mean that this is a healthy decision for you. If holding on to that streak is holding you back in your relationships, then it’s time to break it.


In the end, Snapchat streaks are an excuse to keep you on your phone every day. Ever wanted to take a day without social media? With the stress of a daily social media task, this has become even harder to accomplish. So, my advice to you is to break the streaks and let them happen naturally. If they break, don’t sweat it, it doesn’t speak any truth to your relationship with someone.


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