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Why What Happened at Wesleyan Matters

Molly, extasy, metylendioxy-methaphetamine (MDMA), no matter what you call it it is all the same, dangerous. This past weekend, 10 students at Wesleyan College were hospitalized due to what the college is calling a “bad batch” of the drug. The two remaining students still in the hospital have “made progress” towards a recovery, reported Wesleyan University president, Michael Roth to ABC News.

So you may be asking yourself why 12 individuals choices should matter to you, and why is The College of Charleston sending out emails to the enitre student body? Here’s why: 

MDMA is Damaging: MDMA floods your brain with the neurotransmitter Serotonin in your body. Yep, that’s right, the neurotransmitter that can control mood, sleep, pain, and appetite producing good feelings all around. This all sounds good, untill the crash; your body’s stores of this transmitter are significantly lowered causing you to remain grumpy, irritable, and angry. These aftereffects can last for days after taking the drug, ruining experience that, hey, you may want to remember. Scientists have also proved that this drug premanetly damages the seratonin receptors in animals. Meaning that MDMA is permanently damagin your brain.

Now if you’re sitting at home say “I only did it once,” once is enough. Once is enough because…


MDMA Contains Other Drugs: MDMA is cut with other drugs. You are not walking in to see your friendly neighborhood pharmacist when you buy this drug, you are commiting a felony. These drugs are being cut with other drugs as caffiene, cocaine, bath salts, roofies, and so much more. Women especially should care about this. Men are often found guilty of drugging women, and can do so under the impression of having a good time with Molly. These drugs, on top of the MDMA, are also doing damage to your body.

But how? 


MDMA Prevents Your Body From Functioning: You can lose full temperature regulation control. This has killed several people in warm condensed space, unable to tell that their body was over heating. You become disoriented and nauseous. The muscles in you body may tighten straining jaw and leg muscles. Your renal system may fail. Surely you would notice these things going on, right? Wrong. MDMA kees you from being able to tell these thing are going on. That pain from clenching your jaw may as well be a feather on your face. 

It has not yet been released how or why these 10 college students came to be in the hospital. The only thing that links them together are the chemicals that placed them there. In college we get a wealth of opportunities, one of them being the ability to make our own decisions about what we will do, and what we won’t do. These 10 made a choice that any student could be a part of. Know the dangers and be responsible. 

If you, or someone you know, is struggling with substance abuse, please reach out to The College’s Couseling and Substance Abuse Services

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