Why Thrift Shopping is the Best

1. Some of the best cheap clothes are just slightly used or damaged

There’s nothing better than getting good clothes cheap. This is especially the case when they are being sold so cheaply due to a missing button, zipper, or even a small rip. Those are easy fixes with a tailor or a DIY needle and thread. Through a little extra effort, you can save money and have amazing clothes. 

2.  It’s like finding a mystery box

Half of the experience is going to see what you’re going to find. Some visits to thrift stores are incredibly successful while others leave you with little to nothing to show for your visit. Just expect the unexpected when it comes to your visit and you’ll be fine. Or expect nothing out of it and leave pleasantly surprised 9 times out of 10. 

3. You meet some characters there

Every type of person under the sun frequents thrift stores because they're lifesavers. Expand your bubble and go meet some unique people you wouldn’t get to meet normally. Not to mention every store I’ve been to has hands down the most amazing, helpful, and dedicated employees to help you out. 

4. Clothes are like cars

When you buy a new car, once you take it off the lot it loses half its value. Clothes are the same way, buying new items doubles the price of an item so thrift shopping is an easy way to save money for more necessary items you might need. 

5. Avoid spending more for the “vintage look” 

Some people will go out and buy items for more because the clothes look old or vintage. So why not just go to a thrift shop and buy an actually old, used, or “vintage” item? You save money, the clothes feel comfy, and they look great. 

6. You may expand your taste in style

You'll never know what your style truly is until you venture out of your normal routine stores. The shops you rely on are what's holding you back from trying some weird styles out. Expand your bubble and you'll be surprised just how weird your clothes could be.