Why 'Rob and Chyna' is the New 'Kardashians'

Every once and awhile, a reality tv show will come along that completely changes the world and the way we percieve entertainment. In the 90s, we saw “The Real World” break boundaries when they openly addressed issues from homosexuality to racism. And in the 2000s, shows like “Jersey Shore” and “Love and Hip-Hop” continued to push the extremes with obnoxious vulgarity and, at times, even violence. It is true, reality television today is not the type of programming you and your grandmother would want to sit and watch together on a Sunday evening. But let’s be clear - these shows are guilty pleasures! And just because these shows may not be Emmy nominated, profound programming, it does not mean they are completely useless or somehow detrimental to their audiences. I personally consider myself to be a master of consuming the trash and montanous programing that is considered reality tv - and well - I turned out just fine. What many people fail to realize is that reality television - at the end of the day - is a little piece of reality. No matter how fake or scripted a show may seem, there is always a little sliver of truth in what we are watching. Reality television, to an extent mirrors society by showcasing its truths, triumphs and downfalls, creating what can actually be stimulating dialogue on why society operates and interacts the way it does.

At the current moment, it is arguable that the most successful and recognizable reality TV show would be “Keeping up with the Kardashians.” Honestly, after being on air for almost a decade, the show has ultimately propelled the Kardashian family into a realm of fame that is out of this world. Whether you like them or not, you can not deny that the family may be the closest thing we will get to having a royal family in this country! And like all other royal families throughout history, the Kardashians are exponentially growing in numbers and in drama. If you keep up with the Kardashians, then you are more than familiar with the soap opera that is Blac Chyna, Rob Kardashian, Tyga and Kylie Jenner. If not - simply Google it and wait for your mind to be blown.

Cashing in on this twisted love-square, E! News and top-notch lady boss, Kris Jenner, granted Rob and Chyna with their very own spin-off reality show! For fans, some were excited to gain even more access into this famous family’s private lives. But others doubted if the spin-off could hold its own in the Kardashian dynasty. Well, if you find yourself on the fence about this new TV addition, here are some reasons proving why "Rob and Cyna" is a complete and total game changer.

"Rob and Chyna" tackles real problems.

Rob and Chyna focuses on real issues and problems that even us lay-people can find ourselves relating to. On the season opener, Rob and Chyna introduce themselves as a happy, newly engaged couple. Yet as the episode progresses, audiences can see that the couple actually have many issues they are struggling with. For instance, Rob and Chyna find themselves arguing about locked phones, text messages and infidelity. For anyone living in this decade, you have more than likely had an arguement with your significant other about locked cell phones, what they may be hiding, or question who they may be be talking to behind your back. In Rob's defense, the insecurites he feels in his current relationship with Chyna, all stem from depressing and troubling past relationships. Nevertheless, Rob and Chyna defineitly don't hide the fact that while they may be engaged and have a baby on the way, they honeslty are still trying to learn about each other - discovering what makes each other tick in a relationship. For us watchers, this is great because "Rob and Chyna" shows that even though their lives are constantly being examined like tiny specimen, even Rob and Chyna suffer from the normal relationship hardships.

"Rob and Chyna" is drama-free televsion.

For most people, "Rob and Chyna" is an opportunity to gain insight on not just the elusive male Kardashian, but also the mysterious Blac Chyna. But, the show does a considerably good job of introducing and showcasing the pop culture duo to the masses. The show features an extremely light-hearted feel, with many moments that show Chyna’s charismatic side and Rob’s fun loving personality. Today, so many reality tv shows thrive on drama - pure belligerence. But "Rob and Chyna" proves that you can have good wholesome entertainment without all the extremities. 

"Rob and Chyna" features likable side-characters.

What is a reality show without likable side-characters to spice things up? We are all familiar with Scott Disick, Kourtney Kardashian’s occasional boyfriend, and his obnoxiously entertaining commentary. But the show also introduces us to newbies such as Chyna’s close friend, Paige, and the lovable Nanny, Joy.  We see how these people are not just useless additions on a reality tv show, but they actually support and give advice when most needed to Rob and Chyna.

It is hard to deny that "Rob and Chyna" is worth tuning into at least once. While the show may not be the cookie-cutter, crisp-white, perfectly-edited posh programing that is "Keeping up with the Kardashians," "Rob and Chyna" definitely stands out as a force to be rekoned with. Where reality tv shows are so easily duplicated and redundant, "Rob and Chyna" gives us an honest reality of young people learning and growning in a blooming relationship.  And that, is not only entertainment at its best, but simply a refreshing take on your usual reality TV show. Move over Kardashians, we are keeping up with Rob and Chyna!