Why New York Has Me Excited for Christmas Early

I visited New York this past week, and I feel like one of the festive Who’s in Whoville that the Grinch hates. I want to celebrate Christmas as early as possible this year, but I normally get annoyed with things like stores that put out the Christmas decorations at Halloween or Valentine's decorations at New Years. However, this year I cannot judge, so let me tell you how a quick trip to NYC never fails to get me feeling festive. 

1. The Holiday Store Windows  

The stores have set up windows that display holiday-themed scenes for families, pedestrians, and tourists to enjoy. Bloomingdale's chose to help promote the new Grinch movie by putting an enlarged Grinch face in one of their store windows and have people post their best “resting Grinch face” (I call it something else, but I’ll go along with it for the children). Macy's has chosen to display an adventurous snowman’s journey to the moon. While these are not the only stores to make these display windows, they are some of the most popular to visit. 

2. It’s Already Snowed 

I happily wore my huge winter coat and bean boots for the first time all year to the Charleston Airport, with only a couple of concerned looks from the other travelers, to brave the northern weather. Slipping down the sidewalks of Manhattan is worth it if that means I can have early exposure to snow, before Thanksgiving if I may add! However, it’s easier to get excited over snow when I get to retreat back to sunny Charleston after my trip has ended.  

3. Outdoor Ice Rinks 

Outdoor ice rinks are fun for people of all levels of skating skills. The good skaters get to watch the lesser skilled ones fall and everyone has fun while risking only a few bruises here and there. Also if you’re extra and can go skating at Rockefeller Rink then you can have your cheesy NYC/Elf moment and feel that much more in the holiday spirit. 

4. Cold Weather is an Easy Excuse to Drink Hot Chocolate 

While the cold brings snow, it also gives you an excuse to have as much hot chocolate as you want. NYC hot chocolate is like drinking liquid gold, or what I imagine melted Willy Wonka chocolate would taste like. You might feel like a Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade float after chugging it down, but you’ll inevitably walk off the calories en route to your next destination. 

5. Store Bargains 

The early store deals are great for early Christmas shoppers who want to beat the rush. They play holiday music inside and outside the stores to bring in customers. If the music doesn’t get you to cave, the discounts will. It doesn’t take much to persuade me to shop in NYC but if you need that extra push blame the holiday season just as I did. 

6. The Entire City Population is Ready for It 

There are Christmas lights draping the trees in the streets of NYC, and there’s so much more to look forward to: The annual Christmas parade, Santa Con, holiday markets set up in Union Square Market selling cider flavored donuts and s’mores themed everything, and a new Broadway rendition of Frozen along with any other plays. 

If you’re looking for the “perfect time” to visit New York, go before Christmas. You’ll be avoiding the Thanksgiving Parade human traffic and the New Year’s crowded celebrations while experiencing a holiday spirit fueled New York!