Why Join Her Campus CofC

As a graduating senior I’ve been a part of the Her Campus team here at College of Charleston for about three years.  In my time, I’ve risen from being just a writer on staff to being editor-in-chief for three semesters.  I’ve seen the team grow immensely and our content improve tenfold.  The team hopes to continue to grow and become a driving force on campus.  Sound like something that might interest you?  Here are a few more reasons why you should join the Her Campus at CofC team.

Writing Experience

If you’re a communications major, English major or just love to write it’s an amazing opportunity to build your portfolio and write about things you care about.  At Her Campus CofC out content ranges from makeup and lifestyle pieces to news articles about local establishments closing and global issues.  As a writer you are able to write about whatever you want and that’s what makes it great.  It’s also an opportunity for your writing to improve.  Writers from Her Campus have even gone on to write for publications like Buzzfeed, Huffington Post and the New York Times!   If you don’t think your writing is strong enough to make the cut, don’t worry!  We’ll work with you to make it improve or you can work on another part of the team.  

Public Relations & Social Media Experience

Her Campus at CofC might just seem like an online magazine because the first thing you see is the website, but it’s much, much more.  As a team we manage four different social media platforms to increase traffic to our articles and promote our team and our activities.  Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest and you’ll see what all we do.  You get to learn what works and what doesn’t as well as interact with followers and get the Her Campus name out there.  

Events Experience

The Her Campus CofC team had the awesome opportunity in the past to host the Her Campus Tour on campus with brands like essence Cosmetics, Juicy Couture and Student City in April. The event took our team about four months to plan and coordinate and was great experience to put on a resume.  At the event, team members manned the stations, took pictures and interacted with CofC students to tell them more about all we do.  We’ve also partnered with the South Carolina Aquarium to host a week long campaign called “Her Campus by the Sea.”  Events like these are just a few of the things we’ve done and we have many more we’re hoping to do next year.  

Team Bonding

Not only do you get to hang out and work with some amazing women on campus but you get to meet individuals from all walks of life.  We’ve hosted movie nights, dinners, collabs with local businesses and beach days that bring the team closer together and make school seem not that bad.  You also get to surround yourself with a team full of lady bosses who will continue to inspire you even after you graduate.  I know I have had to opportunity to learn from women who lift heavy and work hard as well as women pursuing their dreams in their prospective field.  They’re great connections to have and will last a lifetime!

If any of this sounds like something you’re wanting to do, get in contact with us via e-mail at [email protected] for an application!  We’d love to have you on our team and help you expand your resume while working with some of CofC’s local lady bosses.  

All photos from the Her Campus CofC's Instagram.