Why I prefer living off campus

Most people live in the dorms their freshman year of college. Some people decide to move off-campus afterward or stay on campus. I chose to move off-campus, and I have loved every second of it. Here are some reasons why I prefer living off-campus.

1. The separation from campus

I know the city is kind of like the campus, but even just living a few blocks away feels separated. For me, it helps with stress, makes me feel like I can get away from college, and call a place home. 

2. Not having to deal with signing in

To me, it was always an annoying hassle to swipe into the dorms every time you entered, and having to figure out where my cougar card was.  

3. Not having a guest policy

 Living off-campus means not having to sign in and out every person you have over, plus you have an unlimited number of overnights, which is so great because sometimes I ran out of mine in the dorms. 

4. The little things 

Being able to cook and bake, not having people set the fire/smoke alarms off, having more space or your own room, feeling like you are not living as close to other people, and making your space beautiful and cozy make it so worth it! 

5. It is Cheaper

Everyone knows how expensive the CofC dorms can be. For me, living off-campus is cheaper than staying in the dorms, so I am saving money! 

6. Sense of freedom

Living with your friends on your own with no rules brings a sense of freedom like no other.