Why Fiona Gallagher Should Be Your #Goals

Fiona Gallagher is hands down the most underrated character in the popular tv show Shameless! In case you aren't fully catched up with the most amazong tv show of 2016 here's the run down. Emmy Rossum plays a young twenty- something year old who lives in the south side of Chicago. Her mom is a bipolar, bi-sexual, low-life who left all six kids. Fiona's father Frank who is a main character, is a drunk, druggie, deadbeat, who only wants money. Fiona is left to deal with the bills, and the job to basically raise all her siblings. Here are 6 reasons why Fiona Gallagher should be everyone #Goals for life, attitude and relationships.  

1. She has no problem speaking what's on her mind.

If someone is getting on her nerves she tells them, and no one dares disrespect Fiona because she put will put them in their place. Though at times she may be harsh she comes from a good place.

2. Her body is literally goals!

She can wear a paper bag and still make it look like a couture dress. She has a perfectly toned body that is envious of many. Although her character is suppose to be a poor girl from Chicago she still rocks the ripped jeans and tiny hand me down tops. If only we can all have her body.

3. She will do anything/ everything to help the people she loves.

Fiona knows what needs to be done and does it. She can hold down two jobs, go to school, and raise six siblings all while living in poverty. She looks out for her family and that is something everyone should aim to do. If Fiona can do all that we can make it to our 8am lecture.

4. Fiona always knows how to have a hell of a good time.

Camping in the woods, go clubbing, or even having a chill night at home Fiona always knows how to make fun out of a situation. She isn't picky and that's what makes people gravitate towards her. 

5. She alway's gets the cute guys.

Let's just take a minute to realzie how lucky Fiona is. Every guy she dates is literally our dream man. Charming, sexy, wealthy, and always there to help her; can't get much better than that. Not to mention they deal with her crazy family pretty well. 

6. No matter what she always stays true to who she is and where she's from.

Fiona may date wealthy guys, and gets promotion at work but she never forgets her roots to the South side of Chicago. She's humble and down to earth and knows the value of a dollar. No matter where she may go in life she remembers what it's like to be broke.

So there you girls have it. Six reasons why Fiona Gallagher is the ideal, strong woman and you should make her your goal for life.  

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