Why Fall in Charleston Makes Me Homesick

There’s nothing I love more than going to the beach in November and making my northern friends jealous. However, little do they know that their cold weather is also making me a little envious. It’s supposed to drop to low 30’s this upcoming week in Maryland. While that’s a bit too low for my liking, they do get to have the perks that come with the colder weather. It’s easier to appreciate the benefits without experiencing the freezing conditions yourself so I’m here to provide that perspective. 

Sweater weather is the best kind of weather. It’s when you get to bring out all the comfy oversized sweaters that keep you warm and safe from the cold. I genuinely miss my winter closet and still have yet to truly bring them out. Don’t even get me started on the fuzzy socks I have yet to wear, at this rate I’ll have to wait until I return to the North for Christmas to truly use them. 

I miss snow. Enough said. 

This Halloween, I sweat every night I went out. Back in Maryland, I used to have to cover myself in 5 layers just to go trick or treating. One thing that feels off is the holiday season, I’m supposed to be feeling in the spirit of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. All I feel is overheated and out of place. The other day I was driving to Folly Beach and saw a Christmas tree lot, ITS NOT EVEN THANKSGIVING PEOPLE! If I heard a Christmas song right now it’d be like listening to it in July, it just doesn’t feel right with it being 75 and sunny. 

Lastly, I miss my family and home. Being in school in a warm state during a season that is supposed to be cold, with exams and an 8 ½ hour car ride back home coming up doesn’t exactly help the homesick process. However, on the days I truly feel homesick I have to remind myself to step back and really think about all I should be grateful for. I know if I lived in the cold I would be writing an article about why I wish it was warm out, you always want the things you can’t have. I can study outside any day I want, which makes the process much easier to tolerate. And lastly I get the best of both worlds, I don’t have to choose between only warm or cold weather because of my dual time in the North and the South. So, while I complain about being homesick I am also aware there are perks to both sides of my story.