Why Crochet?

This year has cleared a lot of people’s schedules for free time. Most, if not everyone, picked up some new hobbies along the way. Mine was crocheting. I’m still fairly new to the hobby as I've only have done a few projects, but it was a fun way to pass the time in quarantine.

With all the resources of today, crocheting really isn’t that difficult to learn. I personally look up YouTube videos on patterns to follow instead of looking at the actual write up. There are also lots of blogs that layout what to do and how to adjust the project to a size you want or places that you can buy patterns. Crocheting is something that does take a bit of time and patience, but don’t all hobbies? Fortunately, crocheting is a hobby that you can easily put down and pick up whenever. The best part is that you have something to wear or use at the end!! Sometimes the project doesn’t turn out how you want to fit you, but now you have a gift to give to someone it does fit. Even with what is left over of your yarn, people have made DIY’s of what you can do with the scraps such as wall art, rugs, pom-poms, etc.

Try something new that can benefit you and/or others. With crocheting, you can save money on gifts this year and have so many options of what to make. It may not turn out perfect the first time. My first project was a disaster, but that’s always the learning curve of trying something new.