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Who (And What) We Need in An Oscar Host

This week has been filled with award season buzz, from hosts being announced to nominees being released. The hosts, in particular, have been getting a lot of said attention. At the beginning of the week, it was announced that Andy Samberg and Sandra Oh will be hosting the Golden Globes followed not long after with Kevin Hart announcing that he would be hosting the Oscars. What followed him, however, was a controversy that leads to the Academy having to rescind their offer to him and start the search for a new host.

Many people on the internet say that a show like the Oscars needs to try and get a bigger name to host, someone who’s in a lot of relevant projects right now. Others say it just needs to be someone who isn’t super polarizing to much of the public. In other words, everyone wants something completely different in a host and let’s face it: Kevin Hart was not the person to fit the bill. I’ve read many suggestions as to who should take over, and here are my suggestions.

  1. Lin Manuel Miranda

    Is there possibly someone who’s more relevant in almost every aspect of pop culture than Lin? He’s got a natural stage presence, would give us an amazing opening song, plus he’s got a movie that’s likely to be up for some awards (it’s a little project called Mary Poppins Returns, nothing big). He would be the perfect person for the job AND we could count it as the “O” to complete his EGOT.

  2. Kristen Bell

    She’s been in some well known and loved movies, she’s very funny, and she’s proven before that she has the chops to host (see her hosting the SAG Awards last year). Plus, wouldn’t it be great if we had… wait for it… a FEMALE host?!

  3. Kristin Chenoweth

    1. Again, another beloved singer, dancer, and actress that could definitely pull off being a host. Plus, she’s basically the size of the Oscar statue itself!

  4. Tiffany Haddish

    1. This one is honestly a bit more of a longshot because of her close ties to Kevin Hart, but she would be a great choice for the Academy. She’s hosted before, she’s a stand-up, had a big couple years in film (even though she’s had a few flops in 2018), and talk about being loved by the internet!

  5. Hasan Minhaj

    1. I will never stop spreading the gospel that is Hasan. He’s hosted the White House Correspondent Dinner and had a great showing, which is impressive since it’s considered to be the hardest hosting gig there is. He’s great at stand up, but would also be able to bring his unique storytelling style to the ceremony, giving it a different feel yet one that would also fit in perfectly with a night celebrating storytelling.


And hey, if all else fails, just get Neil Patrick Harris to do it again.

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