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What I Learned From My Two-Week Quarantine

When the virus first began to pick up in the number of cases, I was still in my small hometown. Because the population wasn’t as big, there wasn’t as big of a chance of catching it. When I came back to Charleston, however, I pretty much figured out that no matter what I did, I would somehow get it. At no surprise to me, I was right. I took all the precautions, but someone I know knew someone who tested positive. That being said, I just finished my two-week quarantine and I learned some things I didn’t think I would.

I’m not a very extroverted person. I love my friends and I love seeing them, but I’m also content with staying in and having my quiet time. Or so I thought. Just like everybody else, I counted the seconds until quarantine was over. I hated being trapped in the apartment and not being able to see anyone. Because of that, my anxiety went through the roof. I was having a really hard time, and I had to learn new coping skills. Even though I didn’t like the process, I’m glad I was forced to figure it out so that it can help me in the future. 

And not that this was a new realization, but I just further learned that I have the best roommate in the entire world. Even before quarantine, it had pretty much just been the two of us for two weeks. If you do the math, that's one month with the same person every day. I don’t know about y’all, but I have a very short list of people I could stay with that consistently for that long without even the slightest bit of annoyance. Thank God, my best friend is on that list. She made everything so much easier, and I would’ve gone out of my mind if she wasn’t here. 

I know I should be thankful that it was only two weeks, but isolation of any kind for any period of time isn’t fun. I am glad I had to do it, though. Not only did it help keep me and other people safe, but I learned more about myself that I wouldn’t have otherwise. We need to take more time to voluntarily sit, reflect, and learn how to take care of ourselves physically as well as mentally. With in-person classes beginning, please don’t forget to take care of yourself and others by wearing a mask, social distancing (please, please, please, wear a mask and social distance), and taking the time to check in on yourself and those around you. 

Ava Lubin

C of C '23

Hey! I'm Ava. I'm from Cleveland, Mississippi, and I'm a sophomore majoring in Psychology and minoring in Italian Studies. I love being with friends, going to concerts, and travelling!
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