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What Career You Would Do Well in Based on Your Midheaven

The Midheaven is the tenth house in our astrological birth chart and it can determine what careers we would thrive in. 

Midheaven in Aries

Aries is a very strong sign to have in your chart.  That’s especially true when it comes to the midheaven.  They are confident, strong, and crave excitement in their work lives. They might do well in politics, as fitness instructors, or even models. 

Celebrities with this placement: Tyra Banks, George W. Bush, and Kanye West

Midheaven in Taurus

This placement loves the arts but needs to be financially stable above all else. They focus on their long-term goals and don’t change jobs frequently.  They may do well in finance, conservation, architecture, or real estate. 

Celebrities with this placement: Tyler the Creator, Andy Warhol, and Donald Trump (ew lol)

Midheaven in Gemini

People with their Midheaven in Gemini care about people and love forming personal relationships.  They love learning from everyone they meet.  They tend to change jobs frequently and might have a side business that they’re passionate about.  They would do well in teaching, journalism, writing, or advertising.

Celebrities with this placement: Kurt Cobain, Jane Austen, and Oscar Wilde

Midheaven in Cancer

People with their Midheaven in Cancer are good at going with the flow.  They are natural caretakers and want others around them to be comfortable.  They also have an affinity for food since it’s another way to nurture others.  They would do well as a nurse, chef, or social worker.

Celebrities with this placement: Beyonce, Gandhi, and Niall Horan

Midheaven in Leo

Leo Midheavens love the spotlight, and they thrive on influence and power.  This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, someone has to be the leader! They do well as singers, actors, CEOs, and politicians.

Celebrities with this placement: Harry Styles, Lana Del Rey, and…Hitler

Midheaven in Virgo

People with this placement are responsible, detail-oriented, and very organized. They tend to over-analyze and don’t let go of things.  They would succeed in coding, writing, and research.

Celebrities with this placement: Taylor Swift, Joe Biden, and Thomas Edison

Midheaven in Libra

This placement has the ability to stay calm in intense situations and they tend to restore the balance. They are creative problem solvers and good at what they do, but they aren’t afraid to mix business and pleasure. They make good lawyers, therapists, and administrators. 

Celebrities with this placement: Oprah, Mother Teresa, and Princess Diana

Midheaven in Scorpio

People with their Midheaven in Scorpio have an amazing ability to read people and catch when someone is lying.  They’re also extremely motivated and passionate about their work.  They make great detectives, profilers, and social scientists. 

Celebrities with this placement: Carl Jung, Carrie Fisher, and Barack Obama

Midheaven in Sagittarius

Sagittarius Midheavens are often charming, natural storytellers, and love traveling and learning.  They can struggle with adhering to social norms and don’t usually love authority figures.  They do well as professors, politicians, and comedians.

Celebrities with this placement: Jimmy Fallon, Mac Miller, and Karl Marx

Midheaven in Capricorn

Unlike Libra, this placement does not mix business with pleasure. They are strict, responsible, and driven when it comes to their work lives. With their amazing leadership skills, they make good doctors, CEOs, managers, and bankers. 

Celebrities with this placement: Rihanna, Jeff Bezos, and Donatella Versace

Midheaven in Aquarius

Midheaven in Aquarius people value their freedom and originality.  They also ultimately want to make the world a better place in everything they do.  They will thrive in environmental science, humanitarianism, astrology, and the arts. 

Celebrities with this placement: Miley Cyrus, Drew Barrymore, and Tim Burton

Midheaven in Pisces

Pisces is a very intuitive and sensitive sign.  They strive to give others the tools to help themselves. They might be good psychologists, psychics, and healers.

Celebrities with this placement: Dahli Lama, Lady Gaga, and Vincent van Gogh

Remember, I’m not an expert and astrology isn’t something that completely controls your life, it’s just fun to learn about!

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