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We Need to Give Endometriosis the Attention It Deserves

Periods suck for everyone, but lots of us ladies suffer more than we should without knowing there’s a problem. For me, endometriosis was a problem I suffered with for years without knowing that my experiences weren’t the norm. I was constantly told just to suck it up when I complained about “cramps” I experienced because “every woman goes through it.” I went through years thinking that my irregular periods, pain, and other symptoms were just something everyone went through. Even after discovering that not everyone had all the problems I did, I thought I was just unlucky to be stuck with such a crappy menstrual experience. I was prescribed way too many birth controls and pain medicines to help with my menstrual issues, but none helped and some made things worse. After years of suffering and complaining, my doctor finally discovered the problem — endometriosis. I had never heard of it in my life, but after my diagnosis, I discovered plenty of women in my life who had the same disorder. These strong women and many others had to suffer much longer in their life than me, as I was blessed to be diagnosed quite young due to recent medical discoveries and newfound attention surrounding this disease.

Following my diagnosis, I was prescribed Orilissa and while in the beginning things still sucked, in a matter of months this medicine changed my life. No more painful, irregular periods and no more ovary pain in between my periods since this medicine has taken effect. Without endo holding me back, I’ve been much more productive in all aspects of life and much happier. Endo may affect me again in the future when/if I decide to start a family, but I try to focus on the present and remember that there will be plenty of amazing kids who need families that I could adopt. 

Endo affects every woman who has it differently and there are a multitude of other problems that can affect a woman’s menstrual cycle, so if you believe that your menstrual cycle is abnormal in the slightest, please talk to your doctor. You do NOT have to suffer in silence because of the myths society has created around menstrual cycles and fertility. While endometriosis and other menstrual problems have gained more attention in recent years, this information still hasn’t reached many women who are still suffering in silence. Take control of your body with knowledge of issues that can affect it and inform others of these issues if you believe they are suffering.

For more information on Endometriosis, check out the Office of Women’s Health. All information in this article is based on my personal experience with endometriosis and may not correlate to how it affects others.

Zelda Proveaux is a freshman at the College of Charleston. She is majoring in Communications and wants to have a career in digital marketing. In her free time, Zelda enjoys listening to music and being around animals, especially cute pups!
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