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Wanting To Do It All: An Overachiever in College

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Coming out of Covid and a somewhat messed up home, I was (and still am!) more than excited for college. A new location, a new group of friends, new things to try, all of it sounded wonderful and appealing. In fact, I’ve been throwing myself at anything I could get my hands on since before classes even started.

I moved into school early, for two reasons. One was that I’m a member of the pep band, so I already had plenty of work to be focusing on. The other was that I had signed up for a three-day camping trip, which would whisk me off of campus not even two days after I got there. Both activities were beneficial to me, the first introducing me to people I’d be spending the next few years with, the other allowing me to meet people who had different interests and get advice from my seniors. My takeaway from both of these things was that I should reach out as far as possible. The more I try, the better. 

The interest fair rolled around, and I ended up with more than I bargained for in terms of clubs that interested me. While, in the weeks since, some have been dropped, I’ve remained in just as many. What will be interesting for me to see is how to manage all of this accordingly. As of writing this, I’ve got two math exams upcoming, an internship I have to make content for, this letter(done!), a part-time job to keep up with, and several other things I’ve got to knock out on top of it. It’ll only get busier as the year progresses as well.

I’m considering making this a little series! Tips on how I manage, resources I didn’t know were available, and just overall updates on how college life is shaping me into a different, healthier person. I like to reflect on mistakes I made, and things I could’ve done differently had I known better. I think this platform will be great for me not only looking back and reflecting, but also helping other freshmen in a similar boat by giving some tips and tricks as I learn them! Looking forward to a fun year and an exciting time writing on and learning from this platform. 

Until the next article, loves!

Bryn Keeffe

C of C '26

Hello! My name is Bryn, and I'm a marketing and arts management major from the College of Charleston.