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Valentine’s Day Chocolate: An Excuse for Self-Love

What’s the most important part of February 14th? Is it the pure love and romance? The bouquets of dozens of red roses? Or the bags upon bags of delicious heart-shaped chocolates? Well, if you’re asking me, I’d go with the latter. For some people, Valentine’s Day induces feelings of insecurity and loneliness instead of happiness and joy. But no matter what your relationship status is, this time of year still gives you an excuse to treat yourself to some self-love.

First of all, buy that 10-piece box of chocolate, or even the 50– it’s whatever strikes your fancy! You can eat it all at once or make it last a couple of months. Take yourself out for a nice lunch or dinner. Have you been craving a certain restaurant, or looking forward to trying a brand new one? Make Valentine’s Day your excuse to treat yourself! Get dressed up and dine out at some fancy restaurant, or order your favorite take-out and sit in front of your laptop for your very own dinner and a show. Buy yourself, or even your friends, bouquets of flowers. If you’re feeling a bit lonely, just remember you don’t need a man. Celebrate Valentine’s Day with your favorite gals instead! In my opinion, you should take every chance you can to show your love for the special people in your life. Even if you don’t have a significant other, you can still celebrate love this Valentine’s Day — love for yourself, and for all your friends! And the spirit of Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to just be on the 14th of February, you can celebrate this anytime with anyone. Spread joy and love as much as possible, you never know who needs it.

Hi I'm Autumn, I'm from Lancaster South Carolina not too far from Charleston.I'm a freshman this year at CofC. My major is leaning towards Computing in the Arts. I enjoy laughing, A LOT, I also enjoy attempting to make others laugh. I'm a bit of an optimist so I try to take that and use it to make life a little better each day.
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