The Ultimate Halloween Watchlist

  1. Hocus Pocus

    Start off with a classic. The Sanderson sisters are sure to kick off your Halloween spirit with this bewitching film!

  2. The Haunting of Hill House

    The Netflix original that debuted in 2018 left fans spooked and wanting more. This series will keep you hooked and on the edge of your seat until the very end. The haunted, historic house is the perfect setting for this thrilling series and a perfect show to binge-watch!

  3. Twitches

    This Disney Original is all about twin witches born on Halloween. This movie will give you all the warm fuzzies inside and have you wishing you were born with powers too! 

  4. Halloween

    You can’t have a list of Halloween movies without including the OG "Halloween". This classic started it all and is still making sequels today, but the original is a must-watch this season. Go back and see where Michael Myers got his start and watch the evolution of actress Jamie Lee Curtis in this thriller!

  5. The Nightmare Before Christmas

    This animated film follows Jack Skellington’s adventures when he accidentally finds himself in Christmastown. Enjoy this movie all season long from October to Christmas as it combines the best of both holidays. Don’t forget to dance and sing along to “This Is Halloween!”

  6. The Conjuring

    For those who actually want to be scared this Halloween, this terrifying film follows the haunting of the Perron family and their new home. A great plot and heart-stopping jump scares will keep horror fans captivated!

  7. Monster House

    An animated movie about three friends trying to save trick-or-treaters from the monstrous house across the street and its curmudgeonly owner. Top-notch animation and a mix of laughs and screams make this a crowd-pleaser around Halloween!

  8. IT

    Clowns are terrifying, especially in this film. Based on the novel by Stephen King, this film explores the horror in a small town after a clown comes to feed on the fear of children. Make sure to check out the sequel to see what the future looks like for the town and its residents.

  9. Casper

    The friendly ghost! This adorable movie will make you want a ghost as a best friend and may inspire you to go old-fashioned with a sheet ghost costume this year.

  10.  Scream

    This slasher film with a stellar cast will have you checking behind your back everywhere you go and wary of masks. 

  11.  The Addams Family

    Get ready to channel your inner Wednesday Addams and jump into all of the Addams family antics!

  12.  Edward Scissorhands 

    Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder...what more could you want? Tim Burton spins a Frankenstein-like tale into a heartwarming story about a goth man with scissors for hands.

  13.  Ghostbusters 

    Who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters! This action-packed movie will have everyone laughing and entertained this ghostly season!

  14.  The Sixth Sense

    A little boy who sees dead people...what could go wrong? Follow Cole Sear as he encounters spirits in the real world.

  15.  Zombieland 

    For all the zombie and comedy lovers, this is the one for you! Zombies are taking over the world and the star-studded cast of survivors try to live to see another day. This film will have you in tears from laughter and thrill!

  16.  Light as a Feather

    This Hulu original series follows a group of friends after they play the game "light as a feather" on Halloween night. What happens to these girls is anything but natural and the short episodes make it the ideal binge show.

  17.  Annabelle 

    Creepy dolls give everyone the chills, especially when it is trying to possess your family. From the world of the conjuring explore how Annabelle went from paranormal destruction to trapped in the home of Ed and Lorraine Warren.

  18.  Stranger Things

    This popular Netflix series gives off serious small town Halloween vibes. Follow this lovable cast as they come to terms with the supernatural changes happening to them and their community.

  19.  Hereditary

    If you want to be creeped out, shocked, and confused this is the one for you. Hereditary has so many twists and turns that will leave viewers scared and disturbed by this twisted tale.

  20.   Halloweentown

    Saved the best for last! An iconic film that will give you all the Halloween feels and put you in the spirit. This is my go-to movie that truly gets me in the mood for dressing up and eating some candy. One chilly weekend this October, binge all four movies and repeat to prepare for the holiday!


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