Two Side of Tomi Lahren's Termination

No matter if you love her or hate her, Tomi Lahren’s termination is certainly something no one expected. If you ask Glenn Beck he probably didn’t either, as the day after her comments on The View Beck himself went on to say she wasn’t getting fired.  There’s a few important aspects that aren’t really being put on display so let’s look at it from two sides. Tomi’s side and Glenn’s side.

Let’s start with Glenn Beck, or TheBlaze’s side:

Images from TheBlaze.

It’s important to note and remember, Glenn Beck no longer runs TheBlaze. While he’s the founder and owner of the news platform, Glenn Beck is not the CEO. He doesn’t make the decisions. The CEO decided to make the move of firing Tomi, not Glenn Beck. As girl who has listened to Glenn Beck for all 19 years of my life (you can thank my father and his weird love for talk radio) firing Tomi Lahren goes against all of Glenn Beck’s beliefs. From the very beginning she was never hired because they had the same views, in fact Glenn Beck is still not a fan of President Trump and consistently critics him while Lahren has been a vocal supporter for a while. The reason for her termination seems to be that her credibility is now gone. During her show, Lahren was a consistent vocal believer in pro-life before The View in fact one as recently as a few weeks before she was on the show. For her viewers it was a betrayl in a sense, this young woman who had repeated these beliefs so many times and was very vocal and active about these beliefs suddenly was saying something different when away from her own show. The moment she said that on the View she lost her credibility because it went against every single thing she said that had built up her credibility. Tomi Lahren’s show was successful because of her credibility. Take away her credibility and there’s no success, no show, and no reason to have a journalist who no longer has an audience on anymore. Her termination isn’t about Beck not wanting someone with different beliefs on his platform, because Beck has always loved having different beliefs and challenging himself and the other person. The termination is about her credibility.  It’s not wrongful, it's a response to the fact that she ruined all the credibility she had built up.

Now for Tomi Lahren’s side:

Image from Women's Health Magazine.

First off can we just as fellow girl bosses be amazed at how well she has done for so long. She’s 24 and had her own show at 23!  Like she was kicking butt–no matter what your beliefs are. It’s easy to see why Lahren is suing for wrongful termination. As someone who believes in the constitution I can totally understand why she said what she did and it makes perfect sense to me. For Tomi Lahren, she’s a millennial, she’s figuring her life out just as much as we are. She was probably just starting to think about her viewpoint on abortion and the subject itself. We all go through those times when our views start to change the more we think about it.  Opinions can change and Tomi’s might of, but it wasn’t handled in the way she needed to with the platform she has. It’s easy to see why she think’s it’s wrongful termination and we don’t have all the details. TheBlaze has kept a lot of this quiet since the comments were made (trust me my dad had me looking through the website everyday while on the phone so we could discuss it).

No matter what this lawsuit is out of hand, if it even goes to trial we’ll see how it turns out but until then we just have to guess as it’s impossible to know both sides. No matter what, I think it’s safe to say that this isn’t going away anytime soon, as Dateline just did an interview with Lahren.  Time will tell, but until then it’s important to remember there’s a mess of facts we don’t know.