Trendspotting: As Told by Lizzie McGuire

We all know that fashion is a cycle. What comes into style one year was probably in style thirty years ago, will go out of style in two years, and come back in ten. It’s the reason we have trouble throwing out our feather earrings and gaucho pants because “they’re totally coming back in style!!!” We have welcomed back the 80s with its leggings, 90s flannels, and now we have begun to welcome back the 2000s and oh how we have missed them. Here are trends that are coming back in style like a phoenix rising from the ashes after taking a nice ten year nap; as told by Lizzie McGuire. Because who else would embody the 2000s perfectly?

1. Scrunchies: Our favorite wrist/hair accessory is back, finally. You may not want to do the pink fuzzy scrunchies, but you have to admit Maranda is rocking them. 

Instead, try these velvet scrunchies from!

2. Chokers: We all know Hilary Duff would look flawless in a paper bag, but her turquoise pendant and choker combination is on point.

Chokers are making a huge comeback and you can find them almost anywhere, like Urban Outfitters’ layered chain chokers.

3. Crimped Hair: We all know Lizzie was the OG hair crimper... 

But now even Queen Bey is rocking this trend!

 4. Clogs: You own those cheetah print clogs, Maranda! 

Not feeling that wild? The desert gold clogs from Free People are slightly tamer.

5.  Colored Faux Fur Accessories: While Lizzie may want to reconsider the purse, were more than happy to embrace faux fur accessories! 

Like this Nasty Gal American Retro Marjo faux fur coat.


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