Top Beauty Influencers Constantly Changing the Game

From interesting reviews and astounding makeup looks,to all things needed to care for your gorgeous skin, these beauty influencers are worth hitting the follow button for. Between Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram I've curated this list of my faves from the beauty community that everyone needs to have on their timeline!

1. Jackie Aina 


My ultimate role model, the one and only Jackie Aina! She's a bold and welcomed voice in the beauty industry and is known for her insightful tips, marvelous makeup looks and tutorials, and above all her signature, genuine personality.

2. Nicol Concilio 


A self-taught beauty vlogger that's guaranteed to always have you in a good mood!

3. Nyma Tang 


I came upon this amazing person through her 'The Darkest Shade' YouTube series. Her genuine presence in the beauty community shuts down stereotypes and is an inspiration for all the dark skin beauties out there!

4. Rocio Cervantes 


Aside from her amazing makeup looks and jaw-dropping blending techniques (seriously where do I learn to do that!), she is also an important advocate for representation of skin conditions and skin positivity in the beauty community!

5. Shaniah Bell 


Shaniah creates some of the dopest looks you'll ever see, plus her tweets are a great addition to anyone's timeline. 

6. Alissa Ashley 


Not to be confused with Arnell, (the equally amazing twin), Alissa creates beautiful looks and fun YouTube videos. Plus all those amazing photos are shot by her! 

7. Ivy Kungu


After watching my friend try to successfully recreate one of her looks for Halloween, I decided to give her a follow and have not been disappointed since! Trust me on this one her eye looks are to die for!

There you have it, folks, my top 7 beauty influences I absolutely love and adore!

If you still haven't followed them, just know, I'm judging you 

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