The Top 3 episodes of the Office

The Office is one of those shows that really becomes a constant in the life of its viewers. You can pick it up at any time and follow the story of the week, or settle in to watch the characters grow and change over the course of the seasons. It's great. 

Some episodes are better than others. We all have the ones we skip, maybe because our favorite characters aren't in it or because it's literally so cringe that it physically hurts to watch ("Scott's Tots," anyone?). But some episodes rise above the rest to create a truly amazing experience. 

Ranked below are the three best episodes of the Office, selected through a research process called "watching the series thirteen times since I was in the eighth grade."


  1. 1. 3. "A. A. R. M."

    Season 9: Episode 22

    I think the later seasons get a bad rap. I know we miss Micheal, and I know that some of the episodes seem a little banal, but I think that from the cold open to the last few moments that this episode is one to remember. It's the last episode of The Office that really takes place as part of the documentary, and its the second to last in the series. Angela and Oscar have made up and are friends, Pam and Jim and remembering their love for each other and putting in the effort to save their relationship, and Dwight is seeing all of his dreams come true. The most defining moment of this episode is when Dwight admits his love for Angela and stops traffic with a bullhorn to let her know. It's a beautiful ending for one of the most loved characters and ties up loose ends without becoming too cheesy.

  2. 2. 2. "Dinner Party "

    Season 4: Episode 9 

    If you ask people in general which episode of The Office they consider being the best, chances are they'll say "Dinner Party." It's got everything. We get to see Micheal and Jan in their natural habitat in the wake of the trial. The couple is tense, leading to a series of hilarious spats between them as they passive aggressively work through the tension of their situation in front of Jim, Pam, Andy, and Angela. My favorite part, personally, would have to be when Dwight and his old babysitter show up with two wine glasses and sent the evening cascading into chaos. It displays all of these couples (including the dynamic between Angela and Dwight) in a hysterical juxtaposition that helps to further define each of the characters. It's one of the funniest episodes in any show, and one of the best in The Office.  

  3. 3. 1.  "Beach Games"

    Season 3: Episode 22

    Maybe I'm biased, but seeing Pam do the coal walk and the speech that followed inspired me when I was younger and to this day reminds me that everyone is capable of standing up for what they believe in. I liked seeing an artsy female character, one who was often dismissed or ignored by her coworkers, demand that she be heard. On the lighter side, Micheal and his shenanigans never disappoint, from the sumo wrestling to the hot dog eating contest. Andy floating away in a sumo suit, Jim making Karen walk-in theater, and all of the wacky team dynamics all serve to make this episode one of the most heartwarming and empowering episodes of The Office ever created.