The Top 10 Things on My Charleston Bucket List

The time has come – it’s my final semester at C of C, and each day that passes is one less day in the Holy City. Senior year has been super strange so far. If you’re graduating, you can probably relate to the odd mixture of nostalgia, anticipation, nervousness, and excitement that comes along with being so close to finish college. Especially if you’re not planning on going to grad school, this is it for school – forever! Such a bizarre thought. 

I’ve started to think about the fact that I have less than 3 months left in Charleston, South Carolina. I’m from Boston, and though I’ll definitely be back to visit, it won’t be the same! So, I’ve decided to make a bucket list for my last few months here of things I need to either finally try or make sure I do again before I cross the Cistern and graduate.


1. Get Dessert at Kaminsky’sMy all-time favorite place in Charleston! (I’m only slightly kidding.) Seriously, the brownie sundaes are to die for, and there’s something for everyone between the dessert cocktails, milkshakes, and beautiful case of cakes and pies. 


2. Eat at Monza​I must confess that I’ve never been before, but lately a bunch of my friends have been raving about Monza pizza. I’ve noticed that Charleston doesn’t exactly specialize in Italian food, so I’m making it a point to try it at some point this semester.


3. Do a Photo Walk to the Battery and Waterfront ParkI love the historic charm in this city. My favorite stress relief activity is listening to music and just strolling along the streets, taking pictures of both the crowded tourist stops and the lesser-known hidden alcoves. There’s always something new to discover!


4. Have a Beach DayOne of the best parts about living in Charleston is being less than 20 minutes away from the beach. And lucky for us, beach season starts early. So suit up and get your tan on, collegiettes, because there’s no better place to spend the weekend!


5. Picnic in the CisternThis is the perfect Friday afternoon activity. Grab some friends, some takeout or snacks, and unwind after a long week with a great view. Plus, awesome people watching opportunities with tons of tours always going through this iconic C of C landmark.


6. Grab Coffee and a Pastry at Brown’s Court BakeryBrown’s Court is a recent favorite of mine. I was never much of a coffee drinker until this year, when I realized I would need excessive amounts of caffeine to survive until graduation. But, Brown’s Court makes a delicious iced coffee, and their English muffins are only $1! They have a cute porch to study on, and everyone is super friendly. Definitely check it out if you haven’t already!


7. Walk/Run over the Ravenel BridgeThe views from the Ravenel Bridge can’t be beat – you can see the Ashley River, the Peninsula, and Mount Pleasant. Plus, it’s a great way to get a good workout in while exploring the city.


8. Hit Up the Farmer’s Market in Marion SquareThe biggest shame about the Farmer’s Market is that it doesn’t come back until April! But when it does, you bet that I’ll be there every Saturday morning, smile on my face and beignets in my hand.


9. Go Shopping on King StreetEven though more than half of the stores are way out of my price range, King Street is the perfect place to browse and window shop. A haven for tourists and locals alike, I’ll miss my Second Sundays spent people and dog watching more than anything.


10. Watch the Sunset at Pickett ParkWhat better way to round of a near-perfect college experience than to watch the sunset from this hidden gem near Sullivan’s Island? Located just a short drive over the bridge, Pickett Park is the perfect place to eat a quick snack with a lovely view.


However you choose to spend it, enjoy your last semester, collegiettes!

All photos courtesy of Pinterest.