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Top 10 Female Youtubers Who Empower Women

10. Michelle Phan

Michelle Phan’s channel focuses on how to make up tutorials. These make up tutorials can help women feel comfortable in their own skin. Makeup can be a sign of uniqueness, boldness, and can be used to express emotion. She not only empowers women this way, but also has begun to make videos that have helpful tips for millenials, and for life ingeneral. She has also become successful doing what she loves to do, writing books, launching a makeup line, and continuing her youtube career.

9. Miranda Sings

Miranda sings has embraced the haters on her channel. Miranda, a ficticious character, was a controversial add to this list. She has been heavily criticized for making fun of and parodying other people on Youtube. However, she has taken negative comments from Youtube and made them into a someone who the internet loves. Miranda’s creator Colleen Ballinger, a comedian, has morphed Miranda into an egotistical, delusional, off-key singer. She empowers people in encouraging them to tell haters to “back off.”

8. Louise Glitter

Louise Glitter is a European Youtube star who post make up and fashion tips on her channel Sprinkleofglitter. Louise is an very interesting youtuber because she is one of the only curvy fashion vloggers. She is also a mom, works, and posts videos every week.She empowers women by showing them that they can have it all, and a stunnning wardrobe at any size.  

7. Anna Akana

So you may recognize Anna from her apperance in “Left Swipe That”. Her channel focuses on life advice and more recently on her own independent videos. Her videos are funny, witty, and unique, her short films interesting. If you follow Anna you will see all the struggles and interesting experiences she has had. She is empowering women by showing us colligettes that we can diversify but still do the things we love through her journey in making short films. 

6. Jenna Marbles

What would this list be with out Jenna Marbles? If you haven’t heard of this youtuber and her channel, then you must be living in a tech deprived space. Jenna was one of the first female youtubers to go viral and become a ‘Youtube Star’. She empowers women through this. She is unashamedly herself in all her comical videos, as many of us aspire to be in life.

5. Zoella (Zoe Sugg)

Zoe Sugg, or Zoella is a European Youtuber who has posts hair and makeup tutorials and so much more to her channel. She, like Michelle Phan, has diversified. She has branched into writing a novel and producing a beauty products line. Her ability to become more than justa Youtuber is empowering o women who can be more than just makeup artists. 

4. Mamrie Hart

Mamrie Hart is a comical Youtuber who’s channel is full of very punny jokes.  She is most well known for her Youtube show “You Deserve A Drink.” Mamrie is a consistently creative Youtuber. Her show displays her coming up with creative new drinks for various people. She also has now written a book that has some of her cocktail recipies. She empowers women through creativity. She shows women that they can be creative in any media. 

3. Grace Helbig

Grace Helbig is, like Jenna, is a Youtuber who has been posting for a very long time. Her channel has saterical, rea, and comical advice and how to videos for milenials. After divorcing from MyDamnChannel, where she made most of her videos she had to start from the ground up on her own. She has, since the split, become more creative, and has had more oppotunity. She has written a new book, will have her own TV show starting April 3rd on E!, and she is in the process of filming a webseries. She empowers women to face change with grace and to find opportunity when it looks like everything is going wrong. 

2. Hannah Hart

Hannah Hart began her channel with a Youtube show called “My Drunk Kitchen.”She made it on to this list because she isvery much herself on her channel, which has shifted since its humble beginnings. She has started posting advice, anecdotes, and of course “My Drunk Kitchen.”On top of this she has also written a book, and whill be staring a a web series with Grace Helbig. Hart is openly Lesbian and is her quirky unique self on Youtube. She empowers women through her ability to go from making a video for her friend to being a symbol of gay rights and producing new a creative comedic material everyday. 

1. Laci Green

Laci Green’s Channel is based around Sex and educating and empowering women to be in control of their sex lives. In a world where men make the choices and decisions about sex, Laci calls for an end. She is a social activist and is providing education that some are being denied. Her emphasis is not only on sex but also gender roles. She has been on TV combating ‘slut shamming’ and is currently filming a program for MTV about sex. Laci Green is empower women with education, one of the greatest tool collegettes can have. 

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