Tips to Reading an English Paper for Class

For my English class, we get a lot of assignments on readings on lots of different topics. Afterward, we typically have to do a write up summarizing what we read. One of the hardest ones we had to do recently was around something called a rhetorical situation, and it was not an easy read. So, here is what I did to help myself better understand it and hopefully can help you too! 

1. Physically printing out the text can help you a lot for many reasons. My biggest personal reason being I am less likely to get distracted. There's no chance of seeing a text or notification pop up on the printed copy and that way I can get more into the essay. 

2. Annotate and highlight any confusing and/or key parts of what is being said. If there are definitions, I typically underline them while I highlight parts I think I will be needing further clarification on. You can find your own system of what helps make sense for you. 

3. Write in the margins and on the sides of your paper! If you come up with a question, writing it down immediately will make sure you don't forget it by the time you get to class. It can also help you study the content when it comes time for the exam. 

Not only do these tips help you understand the paper better, it shows to the teacher that you actually did do the reading assignment you were supposed to do. You'll also be more likely to participate if you know the content and if you have questions related to it.