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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at C of C chapter.

Despite the impending terror being wreaked upon the east coast by Hurricane Florence, I am still preparing for my weekend trip to Georgia for Atlanta’s 13th annual Music Midtown music festival. For an almost 12 hour, 2-day concert event a little preparation is needed. These are just a list of some precautions I’d like to share.


  1. Sun Safety—While September usually accompanies visions of pumpkin spice and fuzzy sweaters, in Atlanta, September is just August 2.0. With average highs in the 80’s and 1000% humidity, the weather typically yields ample sunshine and sweat. According to MM rules, aerosol spray cans, aka sunscreen, are not permitted, but you can bring the cream and stick versions as well as a reusable or unbroken sealed 1-liter water bottle into the park.  
  2. Bags—Even though you won’t be lugging around your biggest purse, you will need something to hold aforementioned sunscreen, water, wallet etc. MM’s bag policy includes fanny packs (thank GOD!) and clear, drawstring bags among a couple other limited options. Remember you’ll be carrying this all day—if you don’t pay for a locker—so do you really need to bring 3 different pairs of sunglasses?
  3. Practical Pieces—Speaking of outfit options: I know MM will offer unlimited insta opportunities, but now might not be the best time for your 4 inch platforms. Resort to every girl’s favorite, Converse, Vans or Addidas to keep your feet comfy and your ensemble chic.
  4. Wristbands—Don’t forget to activate your wristbands BEFORE entering the park! Otherwise, they will not scan or allow entry! Fortunately, to help cut down on one more thing to carry, MM offers cashless mobile pay where you can link your credit card beforehand and pay for those yummy food trucks and booze straight from your wrist. 
  5. Inclement Weather—Finally, to account for our dear friend, Florence, my advice is simply to brave the rain. Leave your jackets, parkas, and boots at home and just take it in its slick stride. Music Midtown is a rain or shine event!


Like I said, these are just suggestions feel free to add or disregard whatever you so, please. However, there is one tip that is mandatory: throw your hands up, let your hair down and enjoy this weekend’s wide array of musical entertainment. 

Claire Grulick is a proud dog mom and resides with her shepherd mix, Ruby, in Charleston, South Carolina where she is in her senior year at The College of Charleston. While she should be studying English, writing, rhetoric, and publishing, she is often found at the beach with a book and a collection of munchies like the snack connoisseur she is.