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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at C of C chapter.

I was never a huge stand-up comedy kind of gal growing up. I was either binging several t.v. shows at once, or I was watching movies. It wasn’t until my freshmen year when my friend showed me a stand-up comedian and I was instantly obsessed. I quoted the show all year long, to the point where my friends would tell me to shut up. You wouldn’t believe my joy when I found out both of his shows were on Netflix, and I immediately watched them both and would watch them whenever I needed a good laugh or didn’t feel like watching a movie or my shows. From there, I began to watch more and more comedians and their shows. I knew a lot of them since many of them have been on tv shows I loved, and it was so fun to watch them in a new light and in a new atmosphere. So, here are just a few comedians that I love, in no particular order, and I hope you watch them and fall in love with them too. 

John Mulaney 

The OG. My very first taste in stand-up was with John Mulaney. The man, the myth, the legend. Without a doubt the funniest comedian I have ever watched. His shows, “New in Town” and “The Comeback Kid”, were the shows that introduced me to stand-up and I’ve been a goner since. He has a show called “Hello, Broadway” with his friend Nick Kroll and it is one of the most hilarious shows I have ever seen. I’m sure everyone has seen or heard of his newest show, “Kid Gorgeous”, if not please check it out. I believe it is his prime performance, truly a work of art. 

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Daniel Sloss

Daniel Sloss is a Scottish comedian. So, not only is he funny, but he has an accent. He has 2 shows on Netflix under, “Daniel Sloss: Live Shows,” both amazingly funny and at times touching. Hilarious bits about relationships, family and growing up with loving parents. Perfect show if you want to laugh and maybe even cry, out of laughter or sadness. I love this man. 

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Iliza Shlesinger

One of the funniest female comedians I have seen. She is so relatable an makes being a female millennial/Gen Zer laughable, more so than it already is. To me, she has the most specials on Netflix, and each is hilarious. You will not be disappointed if you watch her. Just a tip, her party goblin special is my favorite and I’m sure every girl can relate. 

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Hasan Minhaj

A new favorite of mine. He is an Indian comedian, bringing more diverse to this genre. He used to work for the Daily Show and I am so glad the world found him. He takes a different perspective on comedy. Making some of his shows seem like it is also a TED Talk or some inspiring show, but with hilarious anecdotes. Most recently, he has started a new series on Netflix called, Patriot Act. Episodes air every Sunday, and all are topics that you would see and hear in the news, but he makes it more relatable and understandable as well as funny. He is taking political comedy to a whole new level. 

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Chris D’Elia

I have never laughed so hard in my life when I watched Chris D’Elia for the first time and the other 50 times that I watched him. Great with accents and impersonations, whether accurate or not. His comedy is not for everyone, so don’t get upset if you don’t like what he says. I had the absolute privilege to see him live last year and it was the greatest night if my life. Insanely funny and his shows on Netflix are fantastic. Not to mention, he has two adorable Yorkie’s that he loves. His Instagram is also a gem. 

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Jack Whitehall

He’s British, he’s awkward, he’s funny, he’s adorable. Jack Whitehall’s special, “At Large”, is a masterpiece, to say the least. Sharing stories of his time talking with Prince Harry, stories about his acting career and his love for Disney, and ending it all with a musical number. What more could you want from a show? A show I need everyone to see. 

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I'm a junior at the College of Charleston, majoring in History and International Studies. Totally not sure what I want to do but I love writing about important issues. I'm a self-proclaimed professional photographer and a lover of all things space and spooky.