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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at C of C chapter.

Throughout the world the word “power” has often been linked to masculinity; merely visible at the surface of our consumerist society. Associated with domination, competition, and the will to obtain material achievements. But, what is often forgotten by the world is the power affiliated with women and femininity- which is in fact, more powerful than masculinity itself. Characteristics that were once viewed as weak; creativity, ability to manage relationships, intellectual thinking, and the capacity to create compromise in problematic times or situations, all have the potential to bear an insurgency in our society. 

We as women uphold the power of feminine energy- embodying all the skills and strengths it takes to transform ourselves into warriors during times of hardship and difficulty. We hold the power of knowledge, kindness, tenacity, and of course womanhood in our hands; continuously having to balance our own divine energy with the unpleasant energy of the world that surrounds us. I believe the magnitude of this feminine energy can be interpreted through analyzing the relationship we hold with our mothers- as mothers hold a divine stature in life, forming dynamic relationships stronger than all other human connections. Mothers tend to see many things that we as daughters may not be able to identify in our lives yet- but with the power of the feminine energy they share these sights and the wisdom that accompanies them. With this shared knowledge, we as women continue to strengthen and justify the power of the feminine energy and build ourselves up as a community. 

That’s what I love and admire most about women- we are constantly willing to dispense valuable insight with each other to further our empowerment over this world. Always willing to defend or support a friend even if they’re wrong, take on leadership roles in unwelcoming situations, and face the unknown with open arms and an open heart, all while being in touch with our own self-awareness. Women are unbelievably powerful.

If you are questioning how to activate this divine feminine energy, there is no need to fret. There is a diversity of ways to deeply connect with this healing power, as long as you are willing to accept and embrace yourself as a woman and the powers that come with it. Being that the divine feminine is all about connecting with your creativity, intuition, and being present in the day, a great way to start activating your energy is by standing ground within your emotional experiences. To ultimately re-experience them, no matter how painful they may be, but this time allowing yourself to fully feel every emotion that is associated. As you are living through these experiences again, gently peel back each layer one at a time- acknowledging which layers emulate pain and which provoke joy. By breaking down your experiences you can discover what and where the root of your distress resides, from there you will be able to fortify your energetic reserves and begin to work lovingly on your self-esteem and awareness. After developing this emotional comfortability, you can further connect to the healing power of the feminine through a physical level; starting yoga practices is a great way to begin. To name a few poses; Wild thing pose (Camatkarasana), Mermaid pose (Eka Pada Rajakapotasana), Tree pose (Vrksasana), Warrior I Pose (Virabhadrasana I), Goddess Pose (Utkata Konasana), and one of my favorite poses- the Corpse pose (Shavasana), as well as Child’s pose (Balasana). All of these poses represent the divine femininity and liberation from ego, balancing yourself and restoring harmony, spirituality, and inner-peace. The stamina and strength necessary for these postures are an elegant depiction of these qualities and the capability of a woman. In addition to these restoring poses- mantras, tarot readings, and daily journaling are also great places to start when activating the divine energy.

All of us women hold the power of feminine energy, but it’s up to you to use and take advantage of this strength and apply it to your daily life. Being a woman is an amazing thing, sometimes we forget to embrace or recognize this natural blessing we have been given, but by the power of feminine energy our senses and abilities can be invigorated through self-reflection, practice, and awareness. If you are having trouble finding a starting ground, start by looking inward and challenging your interpersonal aspects, as soon as you are able to grasp onto this idea of self-awareness you will become an eminent feminine figure.

Hello fellow feminists, I'm glad to have you here. To share a little bit about myself; I'm a superb cat lover, mother earth respecter, and avid LGBTQ+ supporter. Some of my pastimes include yoga & mediation, self-education, creative writing, and spending time in nature; hiking, walking, reading, etc. I'm a second-year student at the college, studying Geology to father my love and education for the outdoors! I hope you stick around and are inspired by some of my writing. Peace and Love.