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A few weeks ago, I learned about a brand called Tatcha. They piqued my interest after I’d heard a few different YouTubers raving over how amazing it is and the “wonders” it can do. Curious about how wondrous it truly is, I started to research their brand. On their website, they list some of the ingredients they use including like: Japanese indigo, green tea, rice bran, and other natural products (1). Green tea, for example, has been researched by dermatologists and has proven to have antioxidants which are great for your skin (2).

I then decided to invest in their Bestsellers Set, sold at Sephora for $60. While this is a pretty big price tag, I thought if it got rid of my acne and redness it would be worth it. The kit comes with Pure One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil, Polished Classic Rice Enzyme, The Water Cream, and a Luminous Dewy Skin Mist. I was a little disappointed in the sizes of the products, with the rice cream and rice enzyme powder only being around 10 mL, but the cleansing oil did come in 25mL and the mist in 12mL.

For the next two weeks, I did the routine suggested in the packet day and night. First, I use the oil, then the powder, then the cream and occasionally a little bit of the mist. I have to say, my skin looked amazing and glowy. You could see the effects from the lotion and the mist after every application, as it left you just the right amount of dewy. With the oil, did an impressive job taking off my makeup and overall cleaning my skin. Finally, the rice enzyme powder also helped get rid of my acne, if I may say, wondrously

I plan on buying the rice enzyme powder and the water cream in full sizes in the future. However, I already use toners that could replace the oil, and since I do have other, more affordable versions of the mist, I won’t be getting those as a full size. Overall, this set was amazing and truly did help clear my skin up! I had brand new confidence by the end of the period, and I could not be happier.

I am a Freshman at College of Charleston, studying Biology and German, who is also a member of Sigma Kappa! I actually am from Stuttgart, Germany but the military child life made me end up in the United States.
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