Take a Break with Cougar Countdown

It may be hard to believe, but we have less than two full weeks of classes before finals start the next day on December 10. I know that for me, I'll be scrambling around over the next few weeks to make sure I have all of my assignments done before finals begin. If you're lucky like me, maybe your finals will be spaced out so you'll have enough time to study for each final. But if you're one of those people who have three finals on one day (believe me, I know a bunch of people who have that), there's no need to freak out! Yes, it's really important to devote enough time to preparing for your finals, but it doesn't make sense to spend hours in the library with a book up to your face when you should have a balance between studying and relaxing, and that's where Cougar Countdown comes in!

If you're an upperclassman, you know perfectly well what Cougar Countdown is becuase it may be your only time to de-stress during study sessions. For those of you who don' know what Cougar Countdown is, it's a "program for students to support their mind, body and spirit during the final days of each semester and during final exams. It is a mix of academic support, physical and emotional support, student activities programs. The events occur in various locations on campus and are supported by many campus offices, students groups and academic departments." From my experience and many others, it's a fun way to de-stress during studying and take a much needed breather.

Image from Cougar Countdown's Facebook.

Events for Cougar Countdown Fall 2016 start Thursday, December 8, and end on the last day of finals, Wednesday, December 14. Some of my favorite events are the Moonlight Breakfast at Liberty (think late-night pancakes with your friends), free Zumba, free Yoga, the stress relief fair and Puppies on the Green. Side note: you have to bring your own puppies/dogs, they are not provided (freshman me thought otherwise). The stress relief fair is sponsered by Cougar Counseling Team and they provide stress relief balls, aromatherapy and other goodies. CofC Dining Services and registered dietitian Ashley Galloway have a table where they given away free and healthy food which will get you through your studying.

Another highlight of Cougar Countdown is the free CSL Tutoring. This is a great resource if you need a little extra help but please note that there is limited tutoring availble for Math, Foreign Languages, Science, Writing, and Accounting Labs. You may make an appointment though. Cougar Countdown's website has great resources on tips and suggestions, study locations, participants, CSL, as well as their full schedule of Fall 2016 activities. There is also a Facebook page and events for Cougar Countdown. 

Remember: make sure you're studying enough but don't forget to have fun too! With Cougar Countdown, you can de-stress with your friends and enjoy the last week of Fall semester!