Style & Sustainability at Scout and Molly's

As every college woman living in the city of Charleston knows, King Street has THE best shopping. This famously known shopping avenue is lined with fabulous designer stores, unique little boutiques, and a plethora of yummy restaurants to try out! Simply walking down King Street can be a bit overwhelming to newcomers, especially with all of the different and exciting shops to explore. However, as you get accustomed to the King Street shopping life, you begin to find your own personal shopping niche. It is then that you’ll start to favor particular stores, not just for their clothing, but also for the pleasant atmosphere and quality of work that is put in to making that store unique and special.

One little King Street boutique in particular has certainly captured my heart. Scout & Molly’s is located near the corner of King and Calhoun Street, right next to Moe’s. It is a quaint little boutique, and if you blink you might just miss it. However, you’ll be sorry if you did! This boutique has without a doubt some of the most quality clothing and jewelry from various different designers such as Henry & Belle, Tart Collections, Joy Joy, Bobi, Sweetie Pie Jewelry, and Alex and Ani.  And these are only a few of the many designers available at Scout & Molly’s of Charleston!



While all of the designer clothing and jewelry at Scout & Molly’s is fabulous, the designer clothing line that I would especially like to brag about for the purpose of spring fashion is Escapada. Escapada is a Charleston, South Carolina based lifestyle brand that was created in 2009 by its Founder and Creative Director, Natalia Castillo. This amazing line of clothing exudes a relaxed, yet vibrant appearance; it is perfect for a relaxing day at the beach or for a night out on the town. They have styles for it all! Escapada’s spring line has exquisitely bright and bold colors and patterns, which can all be found at the lovely Scout and Molly’s boutique on King.  However, Escapada is more than just a remarkable designer clothing line. They are very committed to making our world a better place. Through the donation of a portion of its profits, Escapada supports global charities, which enhance the lives of those in need, educate the minds of children, and aid environmental causes. What an extraordinary cause! 


I was able to have the opportunity to sit down with one of the owners of Scout & Molly’s of Charleston, the lovely Sarah Johnston, and ask her a couple of questions about their boutique and how they manage everything. Here is what she had to say:


HC: So, how did Scout & Molly’s of Charleston get its start?

Johnston: Scout & Molly’s first started in Raleigh, North Carolina about 11 years ago. Lisa Kornstein, the original owner, franchised it out, and Scout & Molly’s of Charleston is now the 5th location. I used to shop at the original store in Raleigh. We (me, my husband, and his mother) approached Lisa about perhaps opening a Scout & Molly’s in Charleston, because we felt that this boutique was something that could contribute to Charleston’s overall charm. Scout & Molly’s has clothing available for all different ages, and there aren’t very many stores on King Street that are able to do that. Scout & Molly’s is very unique.