Study Tips for Lazy Students

Almost every student has, at one point or another, absolutely hated studying. If you are anything like me, even getting the motivation to do schoolwork is daunting. Obviously, studying is essential for any college student-- even if it is the most mundane task. To make life a little easier, here are some tips to make homework a little more bearable. 


Stay Organized 

Something that I found helpful in my academic career is investing some money on a nice planner. It will help in the long run if you write down when all your assignments are due, it’ll be more difficult to ignore. Additionally, if you use an electronic calendar, you can even set notifications in advanced for all your due dates. Using a planner makes it easier to plan out when you need to get things done, which keeps procrastination at a minimum. 

Study to Music 

Music can be one of the best ways to stay focused; however, music has the potential to distract rather than help. For me, listening to classical music helps keep my brain on-task. But hey, everyone has a different taste. Explore your options, streaming companies such as Spotify and Apple Music both have curated playlists designated for studying. Find what works for you and run with it. 

Get a Study Buddy 

Studying with friends can either be a great idea or a terrible idea. It depends on who you’re with, so it may take a little more maturity on your part, but if you think they’ll distract you, study with someone else. Find someone who is taking similar or the same classes as you to study with. If you both are looking over the same material, it’s beneficial to have someone to ask questions or if you need further explaining. 

Take a Moment to Chill Out 

Nobody wants to pull an all-nighter or spend endless hours grinding over coursework. Managing your time well also means taking breaks between study sessions. My go-to rule is a quick (10-15 minute) break for every hour I spend studying. Whether I use that break to get some coffee, watch a YouTube video, or read the news, what matters is taking a moment to step away from the books and give your brain a break.

As difficult as studying can be, getting your assignments done and done well is one of the best feelings out there. Avoid stress by getting your work done early, and give yourself time to relax.