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Stores That Have the Cutest Business Professional Clothing

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at C of C chapter.

Last summer, I got a job with a top tier marketing firm. Once I was hired and trained and learned my role in the company, I realized I didn’t have any business casual or business professional clothes to wear to work! After years of working in jobs where there wasn’t a strict dress code, I didn’t even think to buy clothes for future jobs. It wasn’t until my very first conference with this company did I start looking and shopping for clothes that were appropriate to wear. My only worry was that I would have to shop at the stores that my mother shops at, and wear clothes that would not flatter my body or fit my personality. Once I started looking around however, I learned that I didn’t in fact have to shop at the stores my mother shops at, but the at the stores that I already shop! So, here are the best stores and shops that I go to for business wear that makes you feel like you, not your mother!

Forever 21

I love Forever 21! It definitely wasn’t the store I would’ve first picked out to have cute and stylish work wear. Like everyone does at F21, you have to meander and look in pretty much every nook and cranny of the store to find what you want. But it’s worth it! I have found so many cute clothes to wear. They have great blouses, blazers, dresses and bottoms! I also love their many jumpsuits. Forever 21 should be on your list of places to go if you want affordable and cute clothes for work.


Urban Outfitters

I know, I know, Urban Outfitters doesn’t seem like the place to find appropriate and stylish clothes for work, but it’s all about the sales section. They have cute tops that you can pair with a blazer or cardigan or if you want to dress it up, they’ve also got many jumpsuits and dresses.



Goes without saying, but it’s a great department store. They have many options to choose from, in both the junior and women sections. While I don’t personally like most of the clothes in the women’s section, they do have many solid colored blouses for a good price if you want just a couple staple pieces. It’s also a good place to get jewelry so you can accessorize.



Just like all the other stores I mentioned, H&M have great blouses and pants for endless combinations. Their dresses are also cute, just be careful of the length! One difficult thing with H&M, in my own opinion, is that they add unnecessary designs or words to many of the tops which can be annoying if you just want something plain. But, H&M also has nice cardigans, sweaters, and pants. As well as shoes. Not my favorite place to shop, but it’s an affordable store and you can usually always find what you need to wear in and out of the office.



I mean… it’s Target. Who doesn’t love Target.  


I used to think that having to shop for work clothes would be boring and the clothes would be even more so. But after getting this job and actually going out to look for clothes to wear, I found that shopping for work wear is actually very fun!

I'm a junior at the College of Charleston, majoring in History and International Studies. Totally not sure what I want to do but I love writing about important issues. I'm a self-proclaimed professional photographer and a lover of all things space and spooky.