Spookiest Costumes: 2020 Edition

It’s October and officially ~Spooky Season~. But didn't Spooky Season really arrive in January? Here are a few ideas on how to make light of this “special” year and avoid being #basic. 

Disclaimer: HC is aware of the seriousness of the topics written about below. The costumes come from a satirical perspective. 




  • Green tights or leggings = $5

  • Green leotard or crop top = $10

  • Green pipe cleaners = $5

  • Name tag = $3

Estimated total: $15


*Disclaimer: This costume requires your best crafting skills. 

  1. After collecting your green attire, adhere your green pipe cleaners all around yourself to create a virus look, the more pipe cleaners the better. 

  2. Place your name tag as “Covid” and watch yourself go viral.


Trump and The New York Times Tax Return Article 



  • Spray tan = $20

  • A short blonde wig = $5

  • Borrowed suit and tie = $0

  • Borrowed dress shoes = $0

Estimated total: $25

New York Times:

  • Thrifted glasses = $3

  • Lanyard = $5

  • Clipboard = $10

  • Paper = $2

  • NYT clothing = $20+ if retail

Estimated total: $40


    *Disclaimer: A partner is needed for this costume. 

  1. Have someone dress up like Trump, spray tan included.

  2. Have the other member go incognito with a lanyard, sweatshirt. and maybe even a Starbucks cup or microphone.

  3. Attach a paper in large letters spelling “tax returns” to the clipboard.

  4. Hold the clipboard up for pictures with Trump and enjoy your relatives' disapproving comments. 


A Zoom Breakout Room


  • Black outfit from home = $0

  • Thrifted headphones = $5

  • Paper and string = $3

  • Tape = $3

Estimated total: $11


  1. Throw on your favorite little black dress and a pair of headphones.

  2. Print out the muted icon on printer paper.

  3. Tie or tape the paper to the string and write “Breakout Room” on the bottom.

  4. Be the scariest costume around campus.


2020 Itself


  • Black outfit from home = $0

  • Photos from Walgreens $3

  • Name tags $2

  • Tape $3

Estimated total: $8


  1. Print out what aspects of 2020 were the scariest to you. Ideas include living at your parent’s house, Zoom, Covid-19, etc. The options are endless.

  2. Next, tape the photos to yourself and add a name tag for clarification.

  3. Everyone will love the costume, just maybe not the year.