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With summer on the horizon, I am always on the search for new songs to listen to while out living my best life. I create way too many playlists for this very reason so I have songs that fit the exact vibe I want, whether it be a day at the beach or riding with the windows down. These summer days and nights are made by the music that was playing on the radio because music allows us to remember events more clearly. I know I still have an attachment to certain songs because they remind me of some amazing nights I spent with friends just being young and with people I’ll (hopefully) never forget.

I’ve chosen a list of songs that give off these feelings of euphoria and nostalgia that we all feel about the summertime. These bring back the memories of chasing the feeling of being on top of the world that comes from the summertime and I hope they invoke these feelings in you as you listen to them. 

"God Save Me, but Don’t Drown Me Out" - YUNGBLUD
"Imagine" - Ben Platt
"Come On Get Higher" - Matt Nathanson
"What You Know" - Two Door Cinema Club
"2 Atoms In A Molecule" - Noah and the Whale
"Coffee Talk" - Broadside
"The Struggle" - Grizfolk
"Catch Fire" - 5 Seconds of Summer
"Heat Above" - Greta Van Fleet
"Daphne Blue (Acoustic)" - The Band CAMINO

I've put these songs into a playlist here to listen to at your leisure in addition to more summer tunes.

Howdy! My name is Julia Brown and I’m a junior studying Elementary Education with minors in Music and Sociology. In my free time, I like to listen to music, drink lots of coffee, and spot dogs on the street. I enjoy writing advice articles, music and movie reviews, and overall ways to make the most of your time on campus!
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