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Snowpocalypse at CofC as told by Jennifer Lawrence

When we heard it was going to snow in Charleston…

But classes were cancelled anyway

And then when we all found out Jim Cantore was on campus and we were like

And then a student tried to attack him

When we found out Wednesday classes were cancelled again…

By now all of our friends from home were complaining about still having to go to class in actual snow

Wednesday came, and campus was covered….

….in ice

But we got excited anyways because there was no school!

Until we found out we had to make up classes on Saturday

But there was still so much ice on the sidewalks that Thursday classes were delayed

Of course, work piled up that we didn’t do in our free time because that would’ve been too easy

But unfortunately, after an unexpected and unproductive break, it was time to go back to class

And when all of our professors asked what we did on our days off

Maybe we’ll be more prepared the next time it snows in Charleston

Erin Wiley is a junior at the College of Charleston, pursuing an AB degree in Arts Management with a minor in Communication. She has been writing for Her Campus for almost two years and created and maintains Her Campus CofC's Pinterest page. She loves everything from music to movies to fashion, and everything in between. After college, she hopes to do something in the entertainment industry, working with either a music producer or a film company. In her spare time, Erin likes to read, watch movies, and walk around historic downtown Charleston.
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