Shannon Doyle - Phi Mu President



Name: Shannon Doyle

Sorority: Phi Mu

Year: 2017

Major: Exercise Science

Hometown: Casper, WY


What goals do you have while you are President?

I have a goal of being the best we can be. As president that's honestly all I ever want for Phi Mu and our Alpha Kappa chapter. I want us to succeed in all aspects of Greek Life and I want our sisters to be absolutely proud and happy to be a Phi Mu woman! My small goals are to increase our morale and participation because those go a long way in a sorority!

What brought you to College of Charleston?

I loved the campus, even though I lived only 30 minutes away in Mount Pleasant! When I came down for my visit and tour of the college and everything that they offer, I felt right at home and could see myself flourishing as a student leader.


Why did you join greek life?

My best friend was in Greek Life at Winthrop and she told me about all of her fun times and suggested the idea to me. I told her I would give it a try and I thoroughly looked at the all of the websites of the sororities. During rush I knew that sisterhood was important to me and I wanted that to be a part of my college life. Then I found my home :)


When did you know that you found your home in your sorority?

I knew on Sisterhood round of formal recruitment Fall 2013. I was standing in line at the Phi Mu house and I guess the sun hit the house just right on that hot summer day because it hit me like a bus that I was meant to be there! My (future sisters) were singing and I was anxious to get inside and I just wanted it to be bid day already. I got along with all of the girls that I talked to and just had an overall good experience.

What other leadership positions have you held in your sorority?

I have held the position of V.P. of Sisterhood Development. On campus I have worked as a leader with the REACH Program.


What's the best part about being in a sorority?

The best part about being in a sorority is when I'm at events and I look at my sisters and how successful and beautiful each one of us are. When I'm in chapter, I look at my sisters and am so proud of who they have become and who they will become as Phi Mu women. On bid day, when I see all of our new members I think of how successful we are and our potential. Big-Little reveal, when I got my twin littles, I wanted to cry because they are my best friends, my sisters, my family!

What hopes do you have for the rest of your time at College of Charleston?

I hope that I can be a role model and friend for those people who may be having trouble finding their way. Not always are we going to have a bright, happy day and that's ok! On those days we need that sister or friend or peer to look at us and smile and remind us that we will be ok and their will be sunshine another day! I want to be a leader so Phi Mu and other organizations can prosper and reach our goals that we set. I want to set goals that others think can't be reached and to reach them with the help of those around me!