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A Serious Rating of the Songs on Reputation

15. So It Goes

Okay maybe it’s just me but I’m seriously falling victim to the So It Goes curse literally everyday. I can only remember the lyrics and tune to, “You know I’m not a bad girl, but I do bad things with you,”. I mean it’s not a bad song I just skip it every time because I can’t get it stuck in my head you know? It’s the eh song at the moment for me. But like if that’s the worst song then it tells you a lot about this album. 

14. ….Ready for it?

Honestly I absolutely hate that this is a single, it’s catchy yeah but like I don’t think it does Taylor Swift any justice as an artist or the album. The album is so good, I don’t get why this was a single. It doesn’t seem single worthy when it comes to music Taylor’s done and all the other songs on the album. 

13.  Dancing With Our Hands Tied

I skip this song but mostly because it’s so repetitive. I live for Taylor Swift’s heart wrenching stories she tells through her lyrics and I don’t get that with Dancing With Our Hands Tied. The beat throws me off a lot and I can’t really get into but I still adore it at the same time? It’s the beginning of the best. 

12. Look What You Made Me Do

She had to write this song, it had to be the first single. If it hadn’t been it wouldn’t have set up the Taylor Swift that we now know, the one that literally doesn’t care anymore. I love this new Taylor, she deserves to not have to keep this reputation people built for her up. Look What You Made Me Do apparently started as a poem, and I can tell the chorus is catchy and annoying at the same time but the verses are poetic from someone hurting. 

11. Endgame

I want to  love this song so much. I wish it was like number 4 on this list but it’s kinda a let down for a sweeran collab. I was honestly really disappointed but I’m okay with it, it’s a good song and catchy with ties back to both of them. I really enjoy song, however I don’t like the rap in it at all. I feel like it’s pointless for Future to be on it. I honestly think it would sound so much better without him on it too. 

10.  Gorgeous

Listen I love Gorgeous so I mean we’ve got to the point where I adore every single song. I love it completely from James Reynolds cute little voice saying Gorgeous at the begining to the love story she tells. I love the song, I relate to it. It’s saying a lot that it’s 10 on the list. 

9. King of My Heart

I honestly think I cry every time I hear the lyrics, “Is this the end of all the endings?”. I really feel like that gif of Taylor Swift’s mom that will be below this. I adore this song of Taylor just deciding to be alone and to be herself and she’s okay before meeting this great guy that she didn’t think she’d ever find. I love how sweet and genuine it is at the same time it gives us such a good look into her feelings. It’s catchy, it makes me feel emotional and basically it’s one of the best. 

8. Call It What You Want

NOW THIS IS IS A SINGLE. I have always adored Taylor’s storytelling in her songs, it’s beautiful how she can and when I listen to Call It What You Want there’s a story. I feel like everything flows and I literally get this vibe that some of the polaroids give off. I can picture a couple at sunset in New England on the water just learning and falling in love. I love Call It What You Want it’s honestly incredible. 

7. Don’t Blame Me

I still am not entirely sure this isn’t a Hozier song. The first time I heard it my jaw dropped, Taylor? and Drugs? What? It’s okay because the drug is love but still. It’s beautifully poetic and I adore it. It’s one of those songs that I can’t wait for a million lyrical choreographers to do choregraphy with in the spring. 

6. Dress

This song literally killed me, I screamed and nearly had a heart attack in my Big’s jeep listening to it. I was in shock, I couldn’t believe it. I love it though, it makes me want to go buy a dress just to take it off. Not like for anyone but like still! It’s incredible I love this song. 

5. Delicate

Delicate may literally be one of my favorite songs on the album. I love how hesitant and soft it is. When I listen to it I hear a girl who has been hurt and is bruised getting into a new relationship when she’s at her worst but it being okay. What kills me the most are the lyrics “so you must like me for me,” because how many times in the last 10 years have people not liked you for you, Taylor? Let a girl know so I can give you a hug. Like I don’t think any girl should experience that and my heart breaks but is happy at the same time because she’s finding that. 

4. Getaway Car

Taylor Swift did that! Getaway Car is one of the most incredible songs I’ve ever heard in my life, it’s just beautiful and poetic but you have to listen to it blank. I actually didn’t like it at first because my Big looked at me and was like this song is incredible and I couldn’t focus on the storyline. It’s a story in a song and it gives you a picture. I really need this to be a single or one we get a video of because my heart couldn’t take it if I never got a video to go with this song. I could honestly take a movie to go with this song. 

3. This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things 

I needed this song four years ago, but I didn’t have it and here Taylor Swift is, delivering. I honestly adore this song way more than I probably should but I am living for her being this petty and not caring. Like I love this song so much I made my friends play it at friendsgiving. It’s honestly a masterpiece, I want it to be a single just so everyone has to listen to it all the time and go oh wow we messed up. 

2. I Did Something Bad

Every time I Did Something Bad comes on I want to put on red lipstick, a skimpy black outfit, and go literally break someone’s heart. I know that’s totally not the vibe but like I love the song. She’s literally asking the most important questions, if she did something as bad as they say then why does it feel so good? It’s a good question! She’s finally having fun and feeling free and just being the girl she has to hide yet everything she does is bad. I love I Did Something Bad it was literally my favorite song of the album until we got to the last track. 

1.  New Years Day

She saved the best for last, the whole album I was hoping and praying we’d get a beautiful ballad from Taylor and New Years Day doesn’t disappoint. It’s beautiful and gentle it means so much. To be there for something in the aftermath of the party and not just the good part. It’s beautiful to be the person who would stay and clean up the mess with someone because they’re your person. I love how much emotion the song can pull out in just a few lines that Taylor apparently has had written for years but couldn’t fit into a song. New Years Day is hands down the best song on the album

Altogether, reputation is literally incredible it’s a beautiful discography that is nothing like Taylor has ever released but it’s so fitting. I went into it thinking it would be the album I couldn’t stand and I adore it. 

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