A Restaurant Born out of an Auto Shop

Fine Poultry & Oyster Shop, Foreign & American Beer. This is the commonly used phrase used to describe Leon's Oyster Shop, located in the heart of Charleston, South Carolina. Once a body shop for vintage cars, Leon’s Oyster Shop has taken spotlights from other typical restaurants situated on King Street. The hot spot has become a staple point for many who enjoy oysters, Southern-style seafood, fried chicken, or for those looking for a cool atmosphere. 

The white square building has made an appearance on many Instagram accounts, for it acts as the perfect backdrop. From the red and black chipped sign located on the far left of the building to the garage door, which connects the indoor seating to the patio, Leon’s Oyster Shop has done a great job keeping the exterior of the building looking similar to its auto-shop roots. The patio is filled with metal chairs, all painted light pastel colors, which all work together in the most bizarre artistic way. The interior of the building has exposed wooden beams with metal light fixtures hanging from them. The bar is made out of a slab of concrete with a glass wall separating the customer from those shucking oysters.  

As recommended by many, you can not stop by Leon’s Oyster Shop without ordering the fried chicken sandwich and hushpuppies, both of which won’t disappoint. If the delicious entrees and appetizers are not enough to convince you to visit Leon’s Oyster Shop, then keep in mind they also serve soft-serve ice cream!