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A Response to the Negativity Surrounding Greek Life at CofC

This past month College of Charleston Greek Life has been hit hard by the community and the school which has resulted in a ban on any socials or events that could possibly have alcohol at them. The Post and Courior which is Charlestons local newspaper has written plenty of articles about the subject and while some of them do make valid points, others simply stereotype us which is completely invalid since the Greek community is made up of some pretty incredible people. The most contraversial article written on Sept. 11 bashed Greek Life and stated that the organizations are just “silly little clubhouses where you buy friends to get drunk with.”

When I first read this article I thought it had to have been a joke, but after a few more reads I realized that he was completely serious and meant every offensive word that was written. In his eyes everyone involved in Greek life is a delinquent and are the sole contributers to everything wrong at The College and in Charleston.  The author even went so far with pointed comments regarding Greek life learning a lesson since we “should have plenty of time, now that [we] aren’t busy planning keggers.” I understand that this may be some peoples view on Greek life but it certaintly isn’t true. I don’t know what he thinks we do all day, but I know for a fact that Greek life is so much more than that.

Each of organization has a charity and we do so much to raise money and spread awareness to our community. Personally my sorority last year raised over $12,000 at Dance Marathon and we are so proud of that amazing accomplishment.  We love seeing others in the Greek community be successful in their events as well, like Sigma Kappa and Pi Kappa Phi raising well over $20,000 for the Alzheimer’s Association a few weeks ago. Greek organizations also hold some of the highest GPA’s on campus, contradicting the idea that we spend more time on King Street than in the library (in fact I’m writing this in the library right as I finish up my homework now, proving my point). Greek life isn’t just a clubhouse where I pay for friends to drink with.  It’s a place where I have found lifelong best friends who I can go to with anything and who will support me in all that I do who.  They will be my bridesmaids at my wedding and money can’t buy a bond like that. We aren’t idiots who don’t have a care in the world, as Brian Hicks likes to believe, we do well in school and don’t spend every waking moment partying. I personally work two jobs and most of the people I know in Greek life works at least one job but still make school a priority. We are like every other college student, we just chose to join an Greek organization and we shouldn’t be shamed for that.  We are more than the stereotype and blaim we have been receiving in the past month.

This article was mean, pointed and not an image of what Greek life at The College actually is. But Brian Hicks, in the words of Elle Woods, “If you had come to a rush party I’d at least be nice to you.”

All photos courtesy of Madeleine Sanders.

Madeleine Sanders is currently a sophmore at the College of Charleston. She is an Arts Management major and in her free time can be found looking at pictures of puppies or spending hours in Sephora. Besides being involved with Her Campus, Madeleine is also a part of Phi Mu. She can't wait to see what college has in store for her and to help other collegiettes with their college experience as well.
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