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Reasons to Watch The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

If you are like me, starting new tv shows is hard. When looking for a show to watch at night, you always come across ones that you have on your list or found whilst browsing for 30 minutes straight, but never thought to start. Yes, you’ve seen the trailers and previews for those shows but you never wanted to actually sit down and start obsessing over it. It’s hard, I know, I have over 25 shows on my list that I haven’t even touched. You just want to press play on a show that you’ve already watched 10 times and relive all those feelings once again. I get it. However, when I heard that the creators of “Riverdale” were producing a series off of the “Archie Comics”, “Sabrina the Teenage Witch”, I was psyched. I wrote on my calendar when the show would air and I just sat and waited until that day came. When it did, I did not hesitate to press play and begin binging the 10 episode season. So, in light of all that, here are some reasons why you should definitely watch “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”, and not just because it’s Halloween. 

Harvey Kinkle

If you loved Harvey Kinkle in the ABC version with Melissa Joan Hart, you will love the Harvey Kinkle in this new adaptation. Played by Ross Lynch, with his newly dyed brown hair, he plays the lovable boyfriend who is head-over-heels in love with Sabrina Spellman. He is scared of all things creepy but is a loyal friend to the end and just downright beautiful. The casting department did a great job. On behalf of everyone, we thank you. 

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Cousin Ambrose

Another lovely man in this show. Ambrose is the cousin to Sabrina and he is full of wit and charm. Stuck in the house for committing a crime, he is around to help Sabrina guide herself throughout the perils of teenage life as a mortal and a witch. What makes him even better, he’s British! Cousin Ambrose is there when Sabrina can turn to no other person and he is always there for her, even to help her clean up her messes. 

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Aunt Hilda

Aunt Hilda is hands down my favorite aunt in existence, no offense to my own aunts out there. She and her sister Zelda care for Sabrina and help navigate her way as a witch. However, Hilda is the sweeter more motherly figure to Sabrina. She cooks, makes her tea, and tucks her in every night. She is the sweetest soul on this show, even if she does follow Satan. 

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Girl power

Girl power is a strong theme in the show. Not only does it have a strong female lead, but it also has strong female friends and females who hold powerful positions (be it they’re good or bad). Much of the show centers around Sabrina and her two friends, Roz and Susie, and how they help make their high school a safer place for the girls who go there. The show also highlights Aunt Hilda and Aunt Zelda, and Sabrina herself. They display their power in the coven and go against the orders that the men have set in place. 

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It’s creepy

If you love creepy things, this show is for you! It has witches, it has demons, it has monsters, it has ghosts. It has pretty much everything. Much of time while I watched it, I was sitting on the edge of my seat. There has been backlash on the show, since he does show the main characters being followers of Satan and has witchcraft in it, but you have to overlook that and realize that it is a fictional tv show. Its creepiness makes the whole show even better. 

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The Weird Sisters

These 3 gals are very interesting. Not only are they beautiful but powerful and they hold so much influence over all the young witches and warlocks that study at their school. They represent a very important part in the plot of the film, and it’s always interesting to watch what they do next. While they’re mean to Sabrina, Sabrina is powerful and doesn’t let the bullies get her down. 

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Enough said. Salem is just adorable and protects Sabrina wherever she is. He may not talk and may not be as sassy as the last Salem in the ABC adaption but he is just as cute and important; I’m so glad they did not forget him. 

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This show is one of the most relatable shows I have ever watched, and I’m not a witch! It addresses important issues that we face now. Censorship, bullying, rights for those in the LGBTQ community, family issues and sexism. It tackles these topics smartly and shows what each character does to overcome them. The show is fantastic, creepy and empowering. One of the best Netflix Originals I’ve seen, and dare I say it? Better than “Riverdale” itself. The creators did a fantastic job bringing a new era to “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” and I need everyone to watch it. 

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