Quick Ways to De-stress Between Classes

When signing up for classes, I knew this semester I wanted my classes each day to be back to back. As much as I love having free days because of my jam-packed schedule, I forgot how stressful it can be not having a real chance to have a breather. Thanks to this though, I’ve learned a lot of ways to de-stress very quickly and I’m here to share these with you!

Take a Coffee Break

These coffee breaks can go so many different ways but it never fails to help me relax. If I’m in a time crunch, I’ll get a Dunkin coffee from the POD in Maybank Hall. If I’ve got a little more time, I’ll splurge and mobile order to Starbucks. Just going to class with a coffee in my hand reassures me that I can survive my classes and the day.

Take a Walk

Sometimes after an especially rough class, I like to take a walk to calm my mind. My favorite places to walk when I’m stressed are through Cougar Mall to the Cistern. There’s a lot of routes you can take and marvel at the beautiful houses and nature of our historic city is sure to make you forget about that crappy lecture. 

Play Some Bops

Music is one thing that is sure to lift me up on my way to my classes. If my Airpods die, it’s basically the end of the world. As soon as a class ends, they are in my ears and I’m listening to my favorite song. Personally I love listening to Tame Impala’s new album The Slow Rush while walking from class to class because of the upbeat tracks.